MindBodyEase.com: Blog MindBodyEase.com: Blog https://www.mindbodyease.com/blog/ Copyright by MindBodyEase.com en MindBodyEase.com Mon, 13 Jul 2020 12:50:47 -0400 6 Natural Ways to Treat Anxiety One of the most common mental health issues is chronic stress and anxiety, which can lead to anxiety disorder. Symptoms associated with this condition include nervousness, tension, agitation, increased heart rate and chest pain. An anxiety disorder can be triggered by another health condition. In order to receive the best method of treatment, you should get an accurate diagnosis. If you or someone you love is suffering from anxiety disorder, then here are 6 natural ways to treat it.

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Do More Exercise

There are countless benefits to increasing your levels of physical activity. By doing more exercise, you will be able to burn off any anxious energy and have more control over the way you feel. When you exercise, your body will release chemicals that will make you feel more relaxed and elevate your mood. Getting active will also help you sleep better, which will reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Try Relaxation Techniques

If you suffer from chronic stress and anxiety, then you should do some research into relaxation techniques. This could be in the form of meditation, relaxation exercises, or focusing on something you love that relaxes you, such as writing or drawing. When carrying out these relaxation techniques, you should consider aromatherapy too, as this can boost stress and anxiety relief.

Take CBD Oil

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is a natural product extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD oil has become very popular over recent years and does not cause any psychoactive effects, as it contains little to no THC. Research has shown that CBD has the potential to treat anxiety alongside a number of other health conditions. For high-quality CBD products, follow the link to explore some Consciously Crafted Hemp.

Be More Organized

Many people feel anxious when they take on too many commitments at one time. Putting a plan in place to manage your time efficiently can help reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Finding a time management strategy can help you to focus on one task at a time, allowing you to accomplish tasks with minimal stressed. Keeping your home and life more organized will put your mind at ease.

Consider Herbal Remedies

Herbal teas and supplements are said to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Many people find comfort in drinking herbal teas and report the experience to be soothing. Some teas, such as chamomile, have been proven to alter cortisol (stress hormone) levels. If you aren’t a fan of herbal teas, then herbal supplements may work better for you, but these may not be as effective.

Cuddle an Animal

Domestic animals offer unconditional love, support and companionship. Research has shown that owning a pet or spending time with animals can benefit people suffering from a variety of mental health problems, including anxiety. If you suffer from allergies to pet hair, then you could look into a less furry alternative, such as a reptile, insect or a hypoallergenic cat or dog.

Using these natural remedies to treat anxiety disorder will be extremely effective and have positive side effects. There is a lot of support out there for people who are suffering from a mental health condition and you should not be afraid to seek it.

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5 Ways to Combat Fatigue and Get Your Energy Back One of the most common issue that most people complaint about is fatigue and they feel tired. They feel old and rubdown due to which they become irritated easily. Many people struggle battling fatigue and don't know the proper fatigue treatment. The most affected people are the ones who are in their thirties or fourties. In this globilized world, today also many people believe that there are no ways by which they can battle fatigue. If you are unfortunately amongst those then you are definitely wrong. If you were surfing the net for its treatment then this article has got you covered. This article will guide you through five ways to combat fatigue and get your energy back.

Rule out health problems

When a person is about to fell ill, he commonly faces some symptoms and unfortunately fatigue is amongst them. It is one of the symptoms of sleep apnea, diabetes, thyroid disease, heart disease arthistis, and anemia. Many people make a mistake by not sharing their feelings to their doctor. It is suggested that one should definitely share how he is feeling to their doctors. Even if a person feels or experience fatigue after taking a new medication, he should immediately rush towards his doctor.

Get moving for fatigue treatment

When in fatigue, one wants to stay away from all the hustle and work. If a person is suggested any exercise then it would feel like a burden on them. But then don't realize that how much important the physical activities are when fatigue treatment is concerned.  Professor of University School of Medicine, Kerry J believes that exercise is one of the lost consistent thing that benefits a person when he experience fatigue. Exercise plays a vital role in improving the overall efficiency of muscles, heart and lungs.

Exercise is the key

When talking about exercises, there are many exercises that are great for increasing the energy but none come close to yoga. Yoga is believed to be the number one exercise when boosting the energy is concerned. Even if a person performs yoga for once a week for six straight weeks, they would see insane positive results. They would feel their energy and confidence being increased along with their mind being clear minded.

Drink lots of water

Whether it's a hot summer day or you are suffering from fatigue, water comes to save your day. When fatigue treatment is concerned, drinking plenty of water can play a vital role in bringing and restoring your energy back. Dehydration is one of the most ignored point that many don't take serious but end up regretting in the end.

Sleep early

Your daily routine plays a vital role in deciding your energy level. If a person is going to his bed late and waking up late, then he will feel the drowsiness all day long. When fatigue treatment is concerned, even the smallest things can workout to bring your energy back. It is recommended by the doctors and experts that one should not stay late and should go to bed early. This would make him feel fresh when he wakes up and would help him bate the fatigue in the most positive approach possible.

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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Procedure & What To Expect After Knee arthroscopy is typically a day surgery procedure that is minimally invasive, and the best knee specialist performs it with ease. The surgeon usually makes very small incisions to allow him to put an instrument and camera into the affected knee to identify and treat the problem.

Arthroscopy allows the doctors to see the knee clearly from the inside. A patient is expected to have a fast recovery from the operation. The technological advancement made it possible for high-resolution cameras and high-definition monitors to be discovered. These improvements helped elevate knee arthroscopy's effectiveness in treating knee injuries.

The Procedure in Knee Arthroscopy

In performing knee arthroscopy, the orthopaedic surgeon creates small incisions in the affected knee. The surgeon will fill the knee joint with a sterile solution to get rid of the cloudy fluid. This process allows the surgeon to clearly see the knee.

The first thing the surgeon needs to do is to examine the affected knee thoroughly to make a proper diagnosis. Your surgeon will insert the arthroscope next and view everything on the projected image on the screen for proper guidance. If you need to undergo surgical treatment, your surgeon will insert the needed instruments through the other incision. These instruments are tiny enough to pass through the incision.

The procedure usually takes between thirty minutes and a bit more than an hour to finish. The length of time to finish the surgery depends on the diagnosis and the treatment that must be done.

You need knee arthroscopy to:

- Remove your inflamed synovial tissue

- Eliminate loose fragments of cartilage or bone

- Trim the torn pieces of articular cartilage

- Reconstruct the damaged anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)

- Repair or remove a torn meniscus

After the surgical treatment, the knee surgeon will close the incisions by sewing it or by using sterile strips. A soft bandage should be placed on the closed incisions to cover them. You will be moved to the recovery room where you need to stay for two to four hours before you are allowed to go home. Make sure that someone will accompany you when you go home, and you are not allowed to drive.

Things that you Need to Take Note of During Recovery Period

You have faster recovery from knee arthroscopy than the open knee surgery. You need to strictly follow your doctor's advice and instructions during your recovery period at home. You need to take note of the following:

  1. Swelling

Expect that there will be swelling after your surgery. You need to keep your leg in an elevated position when you get home. You need to do that for a few days after your knee surgery. You may apply ice to relieve pain and swelling as instructed by your doctor.

  1. Dressing

It is of utmost importance to keep your incisions clean and dry all the time. Follow your doctor's instructions regarding when you can take a bath or shower as well as change the dressing. Make sure to visit your doctor after a few days so he can check your progress, make sure that nothing is amiss, and start your program for postoperative treatment.

  1. Using Crutch

Most patients need to use crutches after the surgery. Your doctor will tell you when you can put weight on your leg and foot.

  1. Driving

It is best not to drive your car while you are still in your recovery period. Normally, patients who had this type of surgery can drive one to three weeks after the surgery.

  1. Prescription

You need to take the medication that your doctor has written in the prescription and make sure to follow the instructions of your doctor.

You may also need to do exercises that can help strengthen your knee. The therapeutic exercises play an important role in the speed of recovery of your knee.

Warning Signs and Complications

Like any surgery, knee arthroscopy has certain risks involved. But, the occurrence is minimal and often can be treated right away. The possible postoperative problems include chills, blood clots, infection, and accumulation of blood in the knee.

You need to visit your doctor immediately when you experience increased pain in the calf muscle, significant swelling of the affected knee, increased or persistent knee pain, incessant redness or warmth around the knee, chills, or fever.

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5 Easy Yoga Poses for Immunity Our health and immunity are more important than ever as we face the “new normal” of living through a pandemic. Social distancing may keep us safe in the short term but maintaining a healthy immune system is a sure way to keep you and your family safe amidst the current pandemic. 

What does yoga have to do with immunity? Maybe more than we think! Yoga lowers immune comprising stress hormones as well as detoxifies the lymphatic system; helping the body maintain healthy organ systems. Unlike most workouts yoga takes a holistic whole body approach to health and healing. 

Though yoga in general is great for immunity below are some of the best yoga poses and practices known for maintaining a healthy immune system. Never done yoga before? Don’t worry these are yoga poses anyone regardless of skill level can practice!


Pranayama is another way of saying breathing exercises and is a key factor setting yoga apart from other workouts and healing systems. The focus on controlling and manipulating the breath is not only unique to yoga but also beneficial to the respiratory system. Conditioning the lungs through breath modulation keeps the respiratory system strong allowing highly oxygenated throughout the entire body.


Uttanasana (standing forward fold) is not only a great opening for the backs of the legs but also an amazing way to clear sinus congestion. Our sinuses are our first line of defence against infection, so keeping them clear and encouraging blood flow through the nasal passages ensures your nose and sinus can do the jobs they’re intended to do uninhibited.

Pro tip: If forward folds are uncomfortable to you bend your knees and place your hands on blocks. Or for a more restorative version place support the crown of your head on a block.

Parivrtta Prasarita Padottanasana:

Parivrtta Prasarita Padottanasana (revolved, wide-legged, forward fold) provides many of the same benefits as a standard forward fold when without the twist. Revolving the pose allows for extra opening in the chest and lungs prevents congestion from settling in the respiratory system as well as encourages deeper breathing and detoxification. 

Pro tip: If twisting in this pose is difficult take the bottom hand to a block and rest the extended arm with the hand on the hip. 

Ardha Matsyendrasana:

Ardha Matsyendrasana (seated spinal twist) opens the chest to allow better deeper breathing while detoxifying organs, and stimulating the digestive tract. Increasing circulation and detoxification allows your body to heal itself when fighting the possibility of infection.

Pro tip: If seated, spinal twist if difficult take a supine twist laying on your back by letting both knees fall to one side and looking over the opposite shoulder. 

Viparita Karani:

Viparita Karani (legs up the wall) drains the lymphatic system and calms the nervous system reducing inflammation and stress hormones that can adversely affect immunity. Legs up the wall also calms the nervous system allowing the entire body to work more effectively and efficiently.

Pro tip: Place a few blankets under your lower back for extra cushion and support.

The most important thing to remember is consistency is key in gaining the immune boosting benefits of yoga. A well maintained yoga practice can keep us from getting sick as well as help us bounce back faster if unfortunately we do get sick. Keeping our bodies healthy is now more important than ever. Taking care of our health and immunity is the best thing we can do for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities!

This article and all included information is not intended as medical advice and does not treat or diagnose. Please consult with your healthcare provider for any health-related questions or concerns.

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About the Author: Alli began practicing Yoga as an extension of her BFA in Dance and quickly found her passion within these ancient practices. Her background in Yoga, dance, and energy healing grounds her work in curated individualized practices. To learn more visit: privateyogasoho.com

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A Singapore Dermatologist's Guide To Acne Treatment Many people struggle with acne. As acne is easy to mistake as other skin conditions, it is essential to diagnose acne in many instances. During diagnosis, your dermatologist will examine your skin to determine the type of acne and its grade from mild acne at grade 1 to severe acne at grade 4.

An experienced acne dermatologist in Singapore, Dr. Liew Hui Min, is able to accurately diagnose your skin condition and provide a suitable treatment plan.

When to visit a dermatologist

With recent advancements in the medical field, there is now a wide range of effective treatments for acne of different severities.

Mild acne can be treated with over-the-counter products. Mild acne can be characterized by a few blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. Products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can be effective in clearing such acne. As no product can clear acne overnight, it can take up to eight weeks for one to notice results.

However when you have severe acne, products purchased without a prescription are unlikely to be effective. It is essential to see a dermatologist if you want your acne to clear.

Dermatologists offer various types of treatment for acne, depending on your condition. The following are some forms of treatment.

Topical Treatment

Topical treatment refers to the treatment applied to the skin. In most cases, dermatologists begin with topical treatment. Topical acne treatments are of various types. Some forms of treatment kill bacteria, while others work on minimizing oil production on the skin.

Topical acne medicine has various components. Some medicines contain retinoids, prescription-strength benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or an antibiotic. Your dermatologist will examine your skin condition to determine the medication most suitable.

Oral Medication

For severe cases, when acne is red and swollen, you may need oral medication that works throughout the body. Acne cysts and nodules usually demand this form of treatment. Your doctor may recommend:

  1. Antibiotics to help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation.
  2. Birth control pills and other hormone-regulating medicine useful for women.
  3. Isotretinoin

Acne treatment procedures

Acne treatment may also involve procedures performed during your visit to the dermatologist's office.

  1. Laser therapy. Laser therapy and other forms of light therapies reduce acnes bacteria. Your dermatologist will determine whether this treatment will work for you.
  2. Chemical peels. Albeit there are many chemical peels available, you cannot purchase chemical peels used by dermatologists for acne treatment. Blackheads and papules are treated using chemical peels.
  3. Acne removal. For a large acne cyst, your dermatologist may perform "drainage and extraction." This procedure finds use when medication is not effective in treating cysts. The procedure reduces pain and scarring. Your dermatologist can also inject the cyst with medication to get rid of it quickly.

Although acne can clear on its own, early treatment is the best way to prevent the formation of permanent scars. Breakouts may reappear after treatment, and this makes it essential to continue treatment. It is important to listen to medical advice and communicate closely with your dermatologist.

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Throat Cancer: Top 5 Signs To Look Out For Many individuals think of throat cancer as a neck growth mass. Have you realized that chronic or severe hoarseness is also a sign of throat cancer?

According to the National Cancer Institute's information, approximately more than 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with either throat or neck cancer.

Symptoms of throat cancer are similar to other common conditions like allergies, sinus, and cold infections. For an effective throat cancer diagnosis, it has to be conducted by an expert who is experienced, such as ENT specialist in Singapore. Such physicians can accurately determine if you require a biopsy or not. When early detected, throat cancer can be easily treated.

Causes of throat cancer

Frequent use of tobacco and alcohol as well as chewing both snuff and tobacco is the primary cause of all throat, head, and neck cancer at 75%. According to the National Cancer Institute, those who consume only alcohol or tobacco are at a lower risk compared to people who consume both alcohol and tobacco.

Risk factors that lead to Throat Cancer

Even though smoking is the first risk, other factors can lead to the condition and should be considered. These factors are:

  • Inadequate consumption of vegetables and fruits.
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol.
  • Exposure to Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

As a tobacco user, it is safe to remember that vaping is not the best alternative for smoking. However, E-cigarettes contain substances such as diacetyl and nicotine, which are directly linked to diseases such as lung disease. Therefore, both tobacco and electronic cigarettes should be avoided.

Five top signs of Throat Cancer

  • Abrupt weight loss

When you happen to lose up to ten pounds of weight, without exercise or diet change, then you might have cancer. Majority of cancer symptoms are not cancerous, like sinus infection as well as the common cold. Due to these symptoms, they may be caused by other diseases. Therefore, when you realize you have these signs, you should immediately seek medical attention with Raleigh ENTs. They will assist the exact source of your symptoms.

  • Sore throat

There exist different factors that cause sore throat frequently compared to throat cancer. But then, when you experience a prolonged sore throat that does not end even after treatment, we advise advisable to book an appointed with us, more so if it is associated with the symptoms listed earlier.

  • Having Neck Mass

Neck mass can also be caused by a tooth infection, goitre, and sore throat. Therefore, not all neck masses are caused by throat cancer. To get the best diagnosis, you can visit your nearest ENT clinic where our throat, nose, and ear doctors can quickly pinpoint the exact source of your neck mass. After that, they will also prescribe the best treatment for you to take.

  • Inability to speak well and hoarse voice

A hoarse voice is not a clear sign of cancer because there are several causes of voice hoarseness. However, if you have chronic hoarse voice issue, it is essential to book an appointed with our doctors to perform a precise evaluation.

  • Swallowing difficulty

While eating, you might feel like there is food stuck on your throat, even when you have already swallowed. Such condition is known as Dysphagia in medical term. This sign gets worse gradually, which affects your diet later, then, you should inform us when you have difficulty swallowing.

Where Throat Cancer develops

Throat cancer starts inside your throat in the flat cells, according to Mayo Clinic. Apart from that, tumors can develop on once epiglottis, larynx, and tonsils.

Who is eligible for Throat Cancer Screening?

According to the report by the American Cancer Society, no simple screen method as it is not easy to diagnose. For that reason, throat cancer screening is only recommended to people who have shown the mentioned symptoms.

If our doctors strongly believed you qualify for cancer screening, they will use a lightened, thin and special endoscope that has a small camera to examine your throat. At some point, your vocal cords might be monitored through laryngoscopy procedure.

Throat cancer treatment procedure

For early stages, throat cancer is treated through radiation therapy. However, more severe cases need surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

For those with similar symptoms as listed earlier, make an appointment with an ENT specialist as soon as possible to diagnose you and get treated immediately!

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5 Things You Should Know Before Moving To The Villages, FL

The Villages, Florida is a beautiful coastal city unlike any other in the state. That’s saying a mouthful when describing an area in a state as beautiful as Florida. However, The Villages offers quaint charm and relaxation, fun activities, affordability, and a host of additional perks that certainly place it on a pedestal high above other areas. Moving to The Villages? Once you hire Suddath Village long distance movers, it's time to learn more about this amazing town. Start with the five important facts about The Villages included on our list below.

1- Affordability

Many people mistakenly believe they cannot afford to live in The Villages, but the town offers many options for residents who live on budgets. Do not automatically assume that your budget doesn't allow you to make this move. The average income in The Villages is $56,450 and the median home value is $236,780. The median income in The Villages is just over $96,000, however, which is considerably high compared to the $49,550 average median income in the state. Do not assume that you cannot afford to call The Villages home.

2- An Older Community

Many retirees head to The Villages to live their golden years. The city is home to a vast population of people 67+. The area is also home to many veterans who served our country. Forbes named The Villages as one of the top places to retire in 2018, but the area consistently earns such honors. Many people also resort to The Villages for the winter when it is cold in their home state. It is the perfect place to get away!

3- Endless & Diverse Activities

The Villages is home to a diverse group of residents who all share a common goal: to live life to the fullest and enjoy the beaches and beautiful sunshine they're awarded in The Villages. While most are over the age of 55, many younger communities also exist. The endless variety of activities ensures that every walk of life enjoys living in The Villages. From golf to dining to parks to beaches and tons of other activities and landmarks, The Villages never disappoints when you seek a good time.

4- Warm, Friendly Community

One of the things that people notice when first arriving in town is the warmth and friendliness they feel from residents. It is true that The Villages is comfortable and charming and has a community of friendly people always ready to welcome you with open arms. It is a fun, sociable place to call home, where making friends is always simple. Keep in mind, however, that only about half of the residents of The Villages live in the area full-time.

5- Not Designed for Families

Although The Villages is warm and friendly, it is not designed for families. The area has one community featuring family units. However, the majority of homes and neighborhoods are designed for couples and retirees or single individuals. The area has limited schools and child-friendly amenities as a result.

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6 Daily Habits for Back Pain Relief The American Chiropractic Association says back pain causes more cases of disability. Once the pain hits, you won’t be able to do anything. The good news is you can do something to enjoy increased relief. First, you have to develop the following habits.

1) Sleeping with a pillow under the knees

When the back pain is too intense, you should start sleeping with a pillow under the knees. That way you elevate the legs a bit. Such a simple act relieves the pain by at least 50 percent while reducing the pressure on your back. 

2) Working your core

Exercises are full of tons of health benefits. Developing a regular strength-training routine is excellent news for your back. Put more attention on your core muscles. The workout ensures back-related injuries stop afflicting you. Consider the following workouts if this appeals to you: 

  • Back strengthening
  • Abdominal strengthening 

Remember to perform the exercises at least twice each week. As you do that, your back would be growing stronger and more flexible too. You will never complain of muscle spasms and strains again. 

3) Get red light therapy

Chronic and temporary inflammation cause back pain too. You can treat that condition through red light therapy. Thus far, the therapy has delivered outstanding results to patients, learn  more about Solio Therapy for back pain relief.

4) Consume more calcium and Vitamin D

Strong bones are effective at preventing osteoporosis. Older people, especially women, are more prone to osteoporosis. You should add foods that are rich in Vitamin D and Calcium to your diet. It is powerful at keeping the uncomfortable back pain at bay.

Start consuming more: 

  • Milk
  • Leafy greens
  • Yogurt
  • Fatty fish
  • Egg yolks
  • Beef liver
  • Cheese 
  • Vitamin supplements

5) Changing your footwear

Do you know that what you wear in your feet can worsen back pain? Start wearing comfortable shoes. Go for the low-heeled (1-inch heels) variety too. You will see their effect when standing. They relieve the strain that your back feels every time you stand. 

6) Straightening up

Bad posture worsens back pain. It compromises the intricate parts of the spine. This prevents them from functioning. Poor posture affects the structure of your spine too. Avoid the following actions to improve your posture:

  • Slouching
  • Rounding the shoulders
  • Bending sideways while standing
  • Stop slumping on the desk

Do you maintain good posture when standing? Do the same when sitting on that office desk too. No matter how tempting it is to slump on the desk, don’t fall for it! Provide your back with as much support as it needs while in the office. 

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Surprising benefits of massage therapy Did you get sore in your muscles? Are you wondering what can be done? Then it is advisable that you can go with massage therapy. This massage therapy can give you the relaxation to your muscles. It is a greater way to wind down, relax, and pamper yourself. You only need to provide some hours from your busy schedule. In our history in both western and Indian culture, massage therapy has been introduced to enhance the wellness to the human body.

There are some surprising benefits of massage therapies are discussing below:

  1. Counteracts sitting at a desk all day: Do you work in the office? Are you sitting throughout a day on the chair? Do you have a heavy pain on your shoulders and neck? Your all problem solution is massage. If you take a regular massage, it will not only help you to relax, it also helps you to reduce negative health effects.
  1. Eases Muscle Pain: If you have any sports injury, then massage therapy can reduce your muscle pain by increasing your blood circulation. Massage can also prevent future injuries.
  1. Reduce Anxiety and Depression: Massage therapy can increase serotonin and dopamine level, which helps to decrease depression. This is the best medication for breast cancer patient. According to the survey, if the breast cancer patients take therapy three times a week, then depression and anger reduce, and it helps to get well soon.
  1. Improves sleep: Since massage therapy increase serotonin and dopamine level, you can become more peaceful in mind so automatically you get a good sleep.
  1. Boost Immunity: Massage can be best for your immune system. According to the research, the person who does massage regularly they can notice the changes in their body immune. As per study continuous 45 minutes massage can increase the number of white blood cells and lymphocytes, which helps to reduce disease.
  1. Relieves and Reduces Headaches: If you have a migraine problem, then massage therapy is the best option to reduce pain.
  1. Reduce side effects during Chemotherapy: The patient who is affected in cancer, and they are undergoing chemotherapy for them the negative effect is very much strong. That time to reduce the negative side effect massage is the best option. The patient who takes regular massage they will have a reduction in pain, anxiety, fatigue, etc.
  1. Assist in Rehabilitation after Stroke: As per research, massage therapy is the best for those people who are recovering from a stroke. It increases sensory motor function; decreases anxiety, Physiological stress, etc. It improves overall health and gives you relief from pain. Depression is one bigger factor for stroke, which can be reduced by massage therapy. Stroke gives swelling and inflammation in your body, to reduce this you positively need gentle massage, and this will improve the blood circulation on to your body.
  1. Reduce Symptoms of Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia gives pain in the joint, and body massage can make them flexible. This massage works well if you have Fibromyalgia pain. If this pain become more then anxiety and depression becomes more. The massage will increase your sleep and physical function of your body.
  1. Assists in regaining memory: Some people who get stroke sometime they lost their memory that time to restore memory it helps. Massage therapists must be trained in reflexology so that they can do proper massages in the brain, heart point, spine, neck, adrenals, etc.
  1. Diabetes: Massage therapy is best for diabetes patients. It helps to restore insulin and lower the inflammation.
  1. Help lower high blood pressure and improve blood circulation: Full body massage increases blood flow inside the body. If you want to be healthy, then you need to have proper blood circulation, which only can be given by massage.
  1. Improves ADHD: ADHD effected people must take a ten massage in two weeks, and then it will reduce.

Instead of taking more medicine, you can take a massage, which can be more helpful. It will also have no side effects and keep you fit for the long term. It not only will make you feel good, but it also improves your health and quality of life. 

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How Doing Yoga Can Enhance Your Sex Life

Any yogi knows that the benefits of hitting the mat are numerous – and the benefits don’t end with just physical health. Yoga, because of its relaxing and strengthening properties, can impact your mental, emotional, and even sexual health, as well. Yes, you heard me right – yoga, even if only performed casually, can completely transform your sex life.

How, you ask? We’ve broken down several ways that yoga can improve your time in the bedroom – with or without a partner. 


Anxiety plagues thousands of people in today’s world, caused by things from increasing amounts of stressors at work and online, to poor sleep habits. While you should always consult your doctor if you feel your anxiety is getting out of hand, yoga is another great way to keep your worries at bay and fall into a state of relaxation before intimate time. The core of yoga is deep, rhythmic breathing, which lowers the heart rate and forces the body to release tension. In addition, the yoga poses themselves are designed to release tension in areas like your lungs, hips, and feet, giving you a feeling of relaxation before sex. This can help you feel more stable and clear-headed during intimacy, allowing you to focus all your attention on your partner and forge a better connection. In addition, anxiety released by yoga can promote better sleep and clearer thinking, disrupting the vicious cycle of anxiety triggers in its path.


If daring poses in the bedroom are your thing, make daring poses on the yoga mat your thing, too! Yoga improves the strength and flexibility of the muscles in the body by increasing blood flow, not only making you more visibly physically fit, but allowing you to try new things with your partner and keep your intimate life novel and exciting. Not only will sex (in almost any position) feel more comfortable after doing yoga for a while and mastering some new positions, but you will also be able to focus on the moment without risking pulling a muscle or straining yourself. This is especially important for people who may deal with issues such as spasming or pain during sex. Teaching the body to relax on command is an excellent way to gain control of issues that are triggered by tension, and yoga is a great way to open that door.

Connecting with Yourself

If partnered play isn’t your thing, yoga can still do wonders for your sex life. Yoga teaches you to value and enjoy being alone, reaching a deeper connection within yourself and pushing new boundaries. You may find that after doing yoga, you feel more knowledgeable about your desires in the bedroom and out. Getting more comfortable with yourself is never a bad thing – alone time can be beautiful regardless of what you’re doing, and yoga can teach you to treasure it. Exploring yourself sexually doesn’t actually require doing any specific thing. It can be as simple as taking a hot bubble bath and getting comfortable with your body without clothes on, or partaking in other forms of self care. Keep this in mind when you think about yoga’s connection to sexual health – it’s not all a direct relation.

How to Get Started

You won’t become a yogi overnight, but the great news is, you can start today – even right now. All you need to do yoga is a soft surface like a mat or carpet, a water bottle and yourself! Start off by exploring the poses you find most beneficial to you – are you looking for a great stretch? Balance? Strength training? All three? Knowing this information can help guide your search for the perfect routines that will improve your life in every aspect. 

Before your first session, be sure to hydrate and get comfortable, whether that means dimming the lights and playing some soft music or drinking some tea and changing into comfy clothes. Yoga is all about exploring your body and what it can do on your time, on your terms, in your own way. 

If you’re looking for an easy and multi-beneficial way to improve your sexual health, yoga may be just the exercise for you. Try it and watch it transform your mind and body in all facets!

About the Author:

Dani Fogel. is a Communication Coordinator at Brandable, based in Los Angeles, CA. She works on the Queen V brand within the company’s Digital and Ecommerce department.

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HIPAA and Medical Records: What you Should Know

There can be a lot of confusion about the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) which was enacted by the US Congress in 1996. Formulated to ensure that a patient's access to insurance was still in place when moving between companies, additional policies/amendments were later added to cover new developments in technology.

Crucial Information 1: You are allowed to share your HIPAA with anyone you designate

Many healthcare providers struggle to fully understand and opt for the easy route by dis-allowing all sharing of PHI. However, you are entitled to state and allocate some specific permissions, in writing, for anyone you select.

Crucial Information 2: Groups can access your healthcare history

 It is a common misconception that only patients or caregivers can obtain copies of medical histories. However, there are special exceptions to this that will legally allow organizations to access PHI. Additionally, cybercriminals can gain illegal access to the record. 

Crucial Information 3: Your Employer if Forbidden from seeing your medical history without permission from you

Even if your employer is paying for you private medical insurance, they are not given special permission to access your medical history. HIPAA prohibits employers from accessing a patient's records, visit HIPAA Guide Net for more information about it.

Crucial Information 4: You can correspond with your Doctor via email HIPAA Laws Prevent Doctors from Exchanging Email with Their Patients

If the correct security measures and filters are in place then it is perfectly acceptable for you to communicate with your Doctor using email. However, a lot of doctors are unwilling to correspond in this fashion for fear of unknowingly breaching HIPAA.

Crucial Information 5: Your healthcare provider must give you access all your PHI

This is not the case as your healthcare provider may believe that the PHI is harmful to you and deny you access to it. 

Crucial Information 6: You cannot take a legal action to obtain withheld PHI

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has a process in place a procedure patient may follow if they believe their rights have been violated under HIPAA laws, however there is no provision for taking an official legal action. The online process provided by HHS allows you to submit a formal complaint.

Crucial Information 7: All groups are no subjected to HIPAA Laws

There are many organizations that are not bound by HIPAA. The groups that are subject to HIPAA are: Healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, and sometimes insurers are the only entities bound by HIPAA.

Crucial Information 8: Organizations do not always have to correct mistakes in your HIPAA

It may be the case that your provider refuses to make the changes you requested. If this happens, you may write a dispute letter about the mistakes you have found and the provider or facility must include your letter in your patient file.

Crucial Information 9: Credit Records can impact by your medical history

If you are being investigated for not paying a debt linked to payment for medical treatment then your relevant files could be turned over to a collection agency.

Crucial Information 10: Marketing Companies can obtain your PHI

You have to be careful what permissions you provide when you subscribe to a service as you may unwittingly provide authorization for marketing companies to view your PHI.

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Why Yoga Insurance Reviews Are Essential When Comparing Policies

As a yoga instructor, maybe you are so focused on ensuring your students get the best yoga lessons. Perhaps you have not spared time to think about the risks that may arise alongside your line of duty. The truth is, yoga has gained popularity in the recent past, and rather than being just a form of exercise, it has developed into a lucrative business for many. So, just like any other business on earth, risks are involved, and insurance coverage is essential.

According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), the number of yoga associated injuries have multiplied in the last five years with an estimation of over 5,000 yoga injury cases per year. If you are wondering which insurance to buy, liability insurance for dedicated yoga teachers is the best choice. The liability insurance coverage comes with several benefits.

Importance of Yoga Liability Insurance

Apart from student injuries that occur in yoga studios, liability insurance is a requirement to cover a range of risks that may be involved in the studios. No matter how dedicated you are in giving instructions, students may sometimes, overstretch or push themselves to the point of injury. And this is where the liability insurance comes in handy to protect your career, since to some extent, you can't control your trainee's behavior.

Cover yourself against unforeseen occurrences. You definitely have no time to spend in attending court hearings and preparing necessary documentation because a student sued you for slipping or falling in the studio. Even if it wasn't your fault, you could still be held responsible, and if you don't have a liability insurance, you may end up paying for the caused damages.

Think of being responsible for all the unfortunate cases that happen in the studio, such as theft and damages. Don't you want peace of mind and a calm environment for your career to grow? Liability insurance covers all these cases hence securing your future. It is important to remember that it is not possible to purchase the insurance after being sued on damage or loss.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Yoga Insurance

Coverage program

As a diverse yoga teacher, you should check on the insurance coverage limits. Some insurance policies may limit you to in-studio coverage only, and this may not be of much help if you offer yoga programs outside the studio. Choose a plan that will cover your private classes and all other places you may be taking your classes such as festivals and workshops.

Member benefits and discounts

You should be aware that not all insurance policies come with member benefits. Some insurance policies, to beat the market competition, give extra benefits to clients while others don’t. Check on a cover policy with additional benefits such theft covers to help you cover for stolen items in the studio. Other insurance policies give discounts on various packages such as teaching resources and yoga products and other overall fitness products.

Compare multiple insurance rates

Avoid settling on the first policy you come across. Do your homework thoroughly by shopping around to compare various rates. Most people have a mindset that the most expensive item in the market is the best, but that should not always be the case. Find an insurance policy that is affordable with reasonable cover terms and conditions that can suit your requirements.

Yoga is not only a sport but a business at large. Just like in any other business, there are risks involved. To protect yourself as a professional yoga teacher, you need insurance coverage to safeguard your career and ensure a smooth future. Purchasing a liability insurance coverage will be beneficial to your career. However, ensure you consider the above crucial factors before you settle on one.

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Best Equipment Free Workouts to Build Muscle Who says one needs a gym membership or workout equipment to build muscles effectively? The truth is that bodyweight exercises are equally effective in achieving the desired muscle strength. No matter whether you are super busy or just hate the feeling of dealing with the gym, equipment free exercises combined with the supplement for muscle growthwill  do the trick.

To help you challenge your muscles using your own body weight, we have come up with a quick workout. Whether you want to kick off a great cardio routine or need to strengthen your arms, legs, butt and other body parts, our no-equipment exercises will surely help you build muscle in no time:

  • Squat Jumps: Squat jumps are one of the best muscle-building exercises that effectively target the inner thighs, glutes, butt, and even calves. They are high-impact exercises and help achieve great results with a few sets. To perform them, you need to:
  • Form a squat position with bent arms and folded hands.
  • Explode up into a jump once you land on the ground.
  • Squat down again as you reach the ground and repeat.
  • Do 3 sets of 10 reps.
  • Pushups: Pushups are another set of the most effective bodyweight exercises out there. They will not just target your triceps and chest but will also work on your core muscles. To do pushups, follow the steps given below:
  • Start in a plank position with your neck neutral, pelvis tucked in, and hands and wrists stacked flat under the shoulders.
  • While keeping your back flat and core engaged, inhale and lower your chest down to the floor by bending your arms.
  • Exhale and push back up to the original position.
  • Perform 3 sets of 10-12 reps.
  • Superman Punch: Amazing, unique, and effective, superman punch help build the strength of your shoulders and back. Plus, they are super easy to perform.
  • Lie on the ground keeping your head down and arms extended overhead by the ears.
  • While squeezing your butt, lift up your legs, chest, and arms off the ground.
  • Pull your elbows straight and punch overhead while keeping the legs and arms off the ground.
  • Repeat for 3-5 sets of this punching motion.
  • Tricep Dips: Tricep dip is a great exercise to tone the back of your arms where you carry extra weight. Well, you don’t need weights or a dip machine to do this exercise.
  • Sit at the edge of a bench or chair while keeping knuckles pointing forward and placing the hands over the edge of the bench/chair.
  • Make sure your shoulders are down and your legs bent at a 90-degree position.
  • Slowly lower your butt toward the ground and bent your elbows in such a way that they form a 90-degree angle.
  • Pause for a few seconds and return to the starting position while keeping the pressure on your hands.
  • Repeat for 2 sets of 10-12 reps.
  • Glute Bridge: Glute bridges are super effective for activating your tightened glutes. Incorporating these exercises in your daily workout will challenge your glutes and engaged them in a way they're supposed to.
  • Lie flat on the ground with your back hitting the ground, knees bent, hand on the sides, and feet flat.
  • Raise your butt a few inches off the ground while squeezing your glutes, Make sure your shoulders and knees are in the straight line.
  • Pause and then slowly lower your butt to return to the original position.
  • Do total of 30 reps.
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Why Yoga and CBD go well together for achieving peace of mind

In this performance based world, people have started to seek alternatives in ancient arts and cultures to feel better, to feel more grounded and to improve their lives. Moreover, next to seeking guidance in exercise or movement in general, people have started to turn to new supplements to improve their lives.

For many years now, yoga has become increasingly popular in the west - the ancient art of yoga is taught to help people cope with stress and sicknesses related to a sedentary life. It promises great affects on your nervous system, your body, your mood and initially your life.

Likewise, if you’ve been following the media in the last couple of years, CBD, a chemical component of Cannabis, has been a much talked about topic as well.

Research has shown great benefit of the supplement, such relief of pain, reduction of anxiety and enhancement of mood. Yogis would agree that yoga has mostly the same effects when practiced consistently.

Therefore, let’s look at why these are an excellent match.


First, it’s not a new connection – the usage of CBD (or Cannabis) can be traced back to ancient Indian roots. Many Hindu scriptures refer to cannabis  as one of the five sacred plants to relieve anxiety. It is called “Bhaga”, a medical plant to be used to heal ailments like inflammation and even diarrhea.

The birthplace of yoga has a long history of cannabis use, and its benefits are well recorded in this part of the world. Many yogis and rishis of ancient India would meditate under the influence of cannabis (locally known as ganja or hashish).


With its relaxing capabilities, CBD allows a calming sensations to enjoy deeper relaxation. It helps with alleviating pain in muscles and joints and thus allowing more freedom of movement.

As yogis move through their asanas, their postures, they connect or reconnect with their bodies and get rid of stress and blockages that have built up during the day. CBD encourages a better mind/body connection through activating the neurotransmitter in the nervous system. 


Interestingly, when we’re feeling good our brain naturally releases a neurotransmitter called Anandamide. In Sanskrit Ananda means bliss. it’s fragile and it breaks down quickly, therefore we experience only short moments of bliss. CBD is said to suppress the enzyme that breaks down Anandamide, meaning this feeling of happiness and bliss is prolonged.

Exercise in general creates a feeling of being high as it releases endorphins. The usage of CBD can allow the body to relax while in this euphoric state of movement and thus creating a better and deeper practice.

So, you can say there is a seamless transition between the effects of CBD and yoga as you move through the asanas.


CBD can be used in various ways and does NOT need to be smoked in order to be effective. It appears in form of cremes or oils to be taken orally. As aromatherapy is widely used in many studios around the world, CBD can fit as an addition to enhance the experience.

Have you ever been distracted during your yoga practice?  You’re not alone, our busy lives don’t let us disconnect from thoughts and doubts even when we engage our bodies. CBD grounds the body and helps participants focus more on the moment.


Yogis would agree in saying that yoga is not only a practice on the mat but it is what you take with you into your ordinary life. Sleep is an important component of life and yet many people struggle with having a healthy sleep routine. CBD has been reported to promote a healthy sleep pattern which initially boils down to feeling fresh and rejuvenated (and more capable to deal with every day’s stress).


In the west the majority group of yoga practitioners are women. If you know a little about female physiology, you know that a woman’s capacity to practice any type of physical activity might vary according to the time of her natural cycle. It has been reported that women struggle with physical activity during, before and after their period. Symptoms vary from increased abdominal pain and cramps. CBD shows to help women get rid of menstrual pain and therefore makes the practice more enjoyable.


Next, many people turn to yoga to lose weight. CBD can convert white (bad) fat into brown fat, thus helping the body to burn calories, leading to weight loss. CBD reacts with the CB2 receptor - instead of activating the receptors themselves it influences the endocannabinoids to block or activate the receptors and thus regulating appetite.


Having read the above, it should be easy to see that yoga and cannabis are not only complementary to each other but also seem to enhance each other’s properties. If you’re looking to buy CBD oil in Canada, it’s available in most major cities.  The same is true for most of the western world where CBD products are legal. Shopping online is also a popular choice for the best prices and selection.

It provides users with relief from stress and anxiety, pain and managing symptoms of different kinds of diseases. It can be more than just mystical mumbo jumbo as studies have shown that CBD oil and cream help reduce pain and reduce inflammation. The usage of CBD, the natural pain killer, can lead to a more blissful practice and thus a more enjoyable life. Even though controversial, it is worth a try, don’t you think?

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Working Out in Recovery: Fitness for Recovering Addicts To recover from drug addiction, you must find ways to heal your body, mind, and soul. Exercise is perhaps the most effective holistic activity that will help you achieve that lofty goal. The best thing about exercise is there are many options available and something for everyone. No matter your fitness level, you can find forms of exercise that are enjoyable and puts you firmly on the path to long-term recovery.

Benefits of Working Out in Recovery

Whether you go for a brisk walk, play a game of pickup basketball or hit the weights, working out releases endorphins and dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the brain's natural "feel good" chemical. You feel great, relaxed, and you burn off the frustrations and stress the healthy way. When you exercise regularly, your tone and firm muscles, and you lose weight. As your body changes, you feel good about yourself and grow more confident in your recovery and you as a person.

Regular exercise in recovery also repairs the body from the inside and helps heal the damage caused by chronic drug and alcohol use. Exercise helps stretch the muscles and improves your flexibility. Exercise improves your cardiovascular health, which decreases blood pressure, improves circulation, and reduces the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases. Additionally, the release of endorphins that occurs during exercise helps reduce stress and cravings.

Other Benefits of Working Out in Addiction Recovery

There are additional benefits seen with exercise in addiction recovery. When you engage in fitness, you meet like-minded people who focus on health and wellness. Having this stable network of positive people can provide you support and encouragement to stay on the path. Most importantly, being with positive and supportive people lives little wiggle room to revert to old behaviors and destructive relationships.

The world of fitness allows you to shape and create a new identity. Fitness gives you direction and purpose, and it helps you set and realize goals that better you as a person. As already stated, exercise provides a healthy outlet to cope with your emotions and the stresses that you encounter in everyday life.

Additionally, fitness teaches you how to be accountable for yourself and others. No matter the exercise program, fitness helps develop discipline as you work towards your fitness goals. Adding an element of goal setting helps get into the habit of making incremental progress, which applies well to the recovery process.

What are Different Ways I Can Work Out in Recovery?

The great thing about fitness is there is a myriad of activities you can pursue-no matter your fitness level. Many individuals may have been sedentary and unhealthy during active addiction, which is why it's important to ease back into rigorous exercise activities. You can start simply by going for a daily 20-minute walk or going for a bike ride in your neighborhood. The idea is to shoot for consistency over time versus overdoing it with too exercise volume too early.

As your fitness levels increase, you can try more rigorous exercise such as running, aerobics, spin classes, or intramural sports as examples.

Additionally, you can incorporate meditative practices such as yoga into your exercise regimen. There is no one size fits all exercise regiment that is right for everyone. It's essential to find out what feels right to you through trial and error. Don't be afraid to try new things, and including family and friends in on the fun can increase the rewards.

Before You Start…

Don’t rush into exercise right away. Consult with your doctor first and get a thorough examination. Exerting yourself too hard after a long period of inactivity can be dangerous to your health. As with everything in recovery, take it a step at a time and keep at it. While there may be struggles along the way, you will begin to notice physical and psychological changes as your fitness improves. Working out in recovery can make all the difference in the world.

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5 Benefits of Private Counselling Private relationship counselling offers a wide range of benefits that have inspired many to seek existing opportunities while finding true love. When you can find this dear person, the benefits of a relationship are maximum. However, over time, different pressures and obstacles can put pressure on the relationship, which can often lead to the separation of the couple. If you are looking to overcome existing limitations, since it destroys your relationship, one of the ideal opportunities will be to seek the benefits developed through private counselling.

Open communication

The main benefit that you can discover when looking for relationship consulting resources is when you open the connection. While the couple can share all their intimate secrets in the early stages of the relationship, communication can deteriorate over time and cause complications. With private counselling resources, you can take advantage of a third party that helps you open communication channels. So you can restore the free connection that may have existed in your relationship.

Create an opportunity to make decisions

Now that you have the opportunity to express the different problems that each individual may face concerning their relationship. The other benefit of private counselling for relationships has been found in identifying opportunities for a solution. There is no insurmountable problem when couples work together to solve the issues and determine that decision resources will help achieve these relationship goals. Solution opportunities can be developed from a couple that works together or through the advice of a counsellor.

Enhancing the quality of your love

Another important advantage of private counselling is available through the advice of high-quality relationships with topics such as sex therapy. Intimacy plays a very important role in any relationship, and when there are relationship problems or complications related to sexual intimacy, this can lead to greater pressure on the couple. With sexual therapy resources, you can address specific intimate problems and improve your overall relationship.

Address several problems

Over time, each couple begins to face small problems within the relationship, which often become bigger problems. The second benefit of using a resource, such as private counselling, is that you can address these problems before they intensify to the point of destroying the relationship itself. Having an open talk where issues can be solved, begin to lay the groundwork for fixing your relationship.

Create long-term success

The ultimate benefit that any couple can benefit when it comes to using private counselling, is to discover long-term success in their efforts. Couples who benefit from private counselling have longer relationships and better communication than couples who ignore problems and allow complications to develop.

These benefits offer a unique opportunity for the couple to save their relationship and overcome some limits that can hinder your relationship. Private counselling is not something to be ashamed of, and if you enter a specialist with an accredited therapist, it can affect a significant change in your relationship and your life in general. Many people find that they need counselling for relationships due to a particularly difficult period in their lives. Many issues can put enormous pressure on the relationship, which sometimes requires the help of a private party to improve things.

Here at Mental Wellness Counselling, we have been providing local counselling in Peterborough for many years and has saved many couples from the broken relationship; we believe it’s important to nurture your relationship for it to remain healthy and rewarding.

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Tips & Suggestions to do Before Becoming a Massage Therapist

People who care a great deal about others, tend to find careers that allow them to use their skills to be a healer and a helper. If this type of career sounds delightful to you, then you may want to think about getting involved in a massage therapy career. Massage therapy is very similar to physical therapy in the fact that it uses body manipulation to promote healing, increase movement, reduce stress and improve circulation in the body. You can provide massages to people in a spa-like setting, or you can provide medical massages to people that are using massage as a treatment option for a condition of some sort. As a career that is continuing to become more popular in the coming years, you might want to do a little bit of research on what should be done before becoming a massage therapist.

What Motivates You?

It’s important that you think about what motivates you as a professional. This is something that will keep you going through your career, when things really get tough. If you’re someone who wants to help people, you probably can’t imagine doing anything else as your job. Providing people with a non-invasive form of relief can motivate you to find a job in a very specific area of massage therapy. You may be interested in the pay or benefits that you get from a job, but don’t lose sight of why you started in this career field in the first place.

Find the Right Program

There are a lot of different massage therapy programs in the country. Not all of them are created equally. In general, you’ll be participating in a program that lasts anywhere from 6 months to 1 year. Find a program that will cover as much hands-on training as possible. This is the best possible way to learn how to do this job properly. There are a number of topics that you can learn about. Try to find a program that will cover it all. This can include deep tissue massages, Swedish massage, sports massage and prenatal massage. Learn about the anatomy of the body. Learn about the muscles that work with different areas of the body. The more you know and understand about the body, the better you can use your tools to help people. Depending on where you live, there may be certain state requirements for massage therapists that you need to address before you can get a full-time job in the field.

Think About Where You Want to Work

Do you want to work for yourself? Do you want to find a flexible job that doesn’t pose a lot of stress to you? If you have a knack for business and want to start your own massage therapy practice, this is an option as well. Give some thought to where and how you want to work. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong place to work, but one place may give you more satisfaction at the end of a long day.

Think About Liability Insurance for Massage Therapy

If you’re going to be working as a licensed massage therapist, you will want to utilize liability insurance for your practice. Liability insurance for massage therapy will protect you against any lawsuits that can happen. When you’re dealing with a person’s body, you want to make sure that they cannot accuse you of causing them harm. If they came to you with an injury, they could very well blame you for something that happens once they’ve left your location. This insurance will protect you and your assets if you are ever faced with an issue like this.

Massage therapy can be a very rewarding and dynamic career path, and you’ll likely develop your own strengths that you can use to build your reputation. As your practice grows, remember that it’s important to you stay up-to-date on recent massage therapy developments and techniques. Always keep learning, and you’ll be able to effectively help your clients, and in turn, your career.

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Is There A Connection Between Seeing Bugs & Increased Stress?

You're standing at the kitchen counter prepping vegetables on the cutting board for supper. Out of nowhere scuttles a cockroach across the counter. You jerk back, your lips curled in disgust and your mind screaming to kill the bug.

Of all the bugs on the rock upon which we live, there are two that bring the most extreme mental and physical reactions. Whether we've ever had experience with them or just read about them, these two unwelcome critters pose a serious threat to our mental health. What are they, and why do we stress about them?


Few living things give us the creeps worse than roaches. Small and brown or finger-length and black, they fly and they contaminate everything they touch. They usually live in dank, dark places like sewers. They enter structures in search of warmth, moisture, and food.

Knowing that they leave droppings, urine, shed skin, and decay in their paths makes us sick. They have no bones, so they squeeze through cracks no bigger than a credit card's width. It's even been said cockroaches could survive nuclear fallout. All this leaves us feeling helpless and hopeless at the thought of getting rid of them, but there is a solution.

Your local pest control company will inspect inside and outside the house, apply the right formula for cockroaches to their hiding places and indoor entry points, apply it outdoors so no more will enter the house, and return at regularly scheduled intervals to maintain the barrier surrounding your home. Calling a professional company such as Turner Residential Pest Control for help will not only address your creepy crawly stressors, but help to eliminate them from your home.


The stress caused by skittering cockroaches is different from that caused by work or sitting in a traffic jam when you've got somewhere to be in ten minutes. This stress is based on fear. What humans don't understand, they fear.

Humans don't understand something that lives in darkness and doesn't appreciate light. Humans would never understand why anything would live in a sewer. Tracking that unpleasant thought across our dishes, cans of food, or the counter would make anyone uneasy to say the least. It's this fear of contamination and disease that's most often behind the stress of seeing bugs.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don't fly and they don't contaminate food or household items. They're the size of a tick with the exception that, once they've had a meal, they turn red. They, too, hide during the day and only come out at dawn to feed.

They feed on human blood, though they don't cause much more than an itchy rash. However, the mental and emotional damage bed bugs cause is a reason for concern.


Humans go out of their way to avoid being helpless. Helplessness means we're not in control. That means that the “fight or flight” defense is constantly present. Physical and mental exhaustion doubles the helplessness.

This kind of bug often inspires worse stress than cockroaches. As we sleep, bed bugs are attracted by the carbon dioxide we exhale. They crawl on us, biting and sucking blood from us. We are unaware, helpless. If we're going to be dinner for something, we'd at least appreciate a chance to fight it off and control the scenario. Embarrassment and PTSD are some of the common results arising from being a victim of bed bug infestations.

In order not to harm your family and pets with chemical bed bug treatments, Turner Pest Control uses Thermal Remediation or extremely high heat to kill the pests. This heat will permeate all their hiding spots, no matter how small the cracks and no matter what stage of life of the bed bugs. This one time treatment is enough to get them all.

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7 Benefits Of Myotherapy That You Should Read About Nothing saps our energy more than nagging aches and pains that persist for days on end. If you suffer from aches and pains that are reducing your quality of life, perhaps it's time to seek myotherapy services.

What is myotherapy?

A myotherapist will asses, treat, and manage pain associated with soft tissue injury and work to restore joint mobility that has been caused by myofascial and muscle dysfunction.

Myofascia is a tough, compact tissue which covers all of your bones and muscles. It can be likened to a secondary skin; its purpose is to hold everything in place while providing elasticity and ease of movement. In its normal state, myofascial release is quite simple; it expands and contracts according to your body's unique needs. When something in your musculoskeletal system is out of order, however, movement becomes problematic, and corrective action must be taken to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Pain that results from muscle or myofascial dysfunction can manifest in the following ways:

  • Stiff joints
  • Constant, nagging pain
  • Numbness in the extremities
  • Sore spots in muscle tissue
  • Recurring "pins and needles" sensations
  • Tightness in the muscles; restricted movement
  • Reduced mobility in the jonts
  • Feeling tired for no specific reason

Seeing a myotherapist is recommended for the reduction of these uncomfortable symptoms, as there are many added benefits to myofascial release and ease of movement. Read on to see how this therapy can improve the quality of your life:

  1. It can correct deficiencies in posture

Alignment issues are one of the first areas that a myotherapist will assess to determine the cause of specific pain in the body. Therapy and deep tissue massage treatments are then prescribed to relieve pain and restore health to problem areas once more. Proper alignment is essential for reducing chronic pain and inflammation associated with imbalances in the body.

  1. It will reduce muscle pain and stiffness

Dry needling and massage therapies work to deactivate trigger points and release tension throughout the body. Tense trigger points cause muscles to seize up and surrender to tension, causing dull and nagging pain that can persist for days or even weeks. Working with a myotherapist will help to reduce these incidents of prolonged pain and promote better health and well being.

  1. It can reduce stress

The presence of pain and the mental and physical toll it can take on the body is astounding--conversely, the absence of pain does wonders to promote mental, emotional, and physical health and reduce stress. Getting rid of pain is absolutely essential to reducing physical and emotional stress in the body, which creates a better state of health overall.

  1. It increases range of motion in joints and muscles

Through the process of release gained through massage, tissues are stimulated to become more elastic, freeing them up to move. Working to correct imbalances in soft tissues will then free up movement in joints and create a state of balanced fluidity. A body in motion is much healthier than a body that is seized up and locked tight due to imbalance and decreased range of movement.

  1. It helps to increase productivity

Someone with a healthy, strong body in motion is much more likely to be productive than one who suffers from pain and stiff joints. Massage treatments help to increase mental clarity and focus, allowing you to power through your day with ease.

  1. It helps to improve sleep quality

Poor quality sleep is a frequently reported problem for people suffering from chronic pain. Getting to sleep and staying asleep are issues that result from nagging pain and stiffness; the cycle continues as increased tension and stress from lack of sleep continue to cause additional pain during the day. This vicious cycle continues until treatment is sought for pain and imbalance in the body through these therapies.

  1. It boosts immunity

Who doesn't need a little immunity boosting these days? Bringing all systems of the body into proper alignment will do wonders for your already overtaxed immune system. Just a single session of massage therapy has measurable benefits to the immune system. Managing chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions becomes much easier as you bring an overall sense of ease and relief to strained muscles and joints. Massage therapy also helps to decrease the production of stress hormones, which allows the immune system to work more efficiently.

Think of the peace of mind that the implication of these therapies will afford you; it is essential to keep the body in balance to maintain good health both in our youth and as we age. Be proactive with your health and wellness; consider seeing a myotherapist for diagnosis and treatment of your pain and stiffness--you'll be glad you did!

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What are Dermal Fillers A few decades ago, women made use of special creams to look beautiful and young. The creams were expensive and, what is more, caused addiction: to maintain the effect, it was necessary to use them on a permanent basis.

Plastic procedures were eventually developed to manage this problem. Not only have they made it possible to prolong the beauty and youthfulness of the skin, but they have also given us the opportunity to change the facial features if we are not satisfied with the original parameters. They are even more expensive and imply that you need to go under the knife. More than that, there is always a risk of a medical error which can lead to disastrous consequences. 

Therefore, both of these methods are not perfect enough. As an alternative, special fillers have been used recently, for example, Juvederm (learn more about Juvederm here). They are relatively inexpensive, work with lightning speed and last for a long time. Moreover, they do not require surgery. It is therefore not surprising why they have become popular with women and dermatologists/ cosmetologists/ surgeons all over the world.

What is This?

Dermal fillers (see our catalog) are commonly known as substances used for injections in the form of gels or liquids. Once introduced into the skin or subcutaneous layer, they eliminate the external "symptoms" of aging by replacing the lost fat mass and filling in the voids under the folds and wrinkles. They are also widely used when creating normal volume of lips and neutralizing facial skin defects. 

The main advantage of dermal fillers is that they are different from neurotoxins like botulinum toxin (Botox). The fact is that the latter substances are injected under the skin in order to weaken the muscular structures that provoke the formation of mimic wrinkles. Injections are made into the muscle, and the wrinkles between the eyebrows, the so-called "crow's feet", are the basic areas of the preparation introduction. 

Main Advantages

In contrast to neurotoxins, such substances possess plenty of positive effects.

  1. Possibility of applying to different types of wrinkles, which is evidence of their versatility. They fill in folds of any depth in any area of the face and even body.
  2. The duration of effect is several months, usually from 6 to 18, depending on the individual characteristics of the skin and the type of the preparation administered. The possibility of terminating the action if there is no proper result plays an important role. 
  3. Instantaneous effect. The first result can be observed only one day after the application of the composition, and a week later the skin will be completely changed and will look young and beautiful. 
  4. Affordable price. So as to use special creams, you need to buy them almost every month, which means spending a lot of money. And in order to go under the knife, you need to have significant savings. Therefore, purchasing a filler is the best option.

Hyaluronic Acid – the Main Component

Hyaluronic acid is the main component in the skin that helps to retain moisture. Therefore, the elasticity of the skin increases and the volume becomes larger. In general, HC is a kind of natural sugar which is present in every body and in every tissue. 

The fact is that the skin has three layers – the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer. In the first layer there is a continuous cellular exchange (we are talking about the epidermis). The second layer (the dermis) contains a lot of collagen which supports the skin, as well as elastin which contributes to its elasticity. The subcutaneous level is the deepest one, and it mainly serves the purpose of supporting the two upper layers. And each of them contains HC. 

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