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Stats And Figures Show The Noteworthy Prevalence Of E-Cig And The New Trends In Its Use

There has been a noticeable increase in the sales and demand of e-cigarettes over the recent few years, and it is mostly due to the increase in the awareness and use of these alternatives to traditional cigarettes. It is also due to the rising concern among smokers about the negative consequences of active as well as passive smoking that have resulted in such prevalence. Most people are now looking for alternative means to give up smoking using medicines but the most significant and successful alternative happens to be the e-cigarettes.

Advertised extensively in magazines, journals, convenience stores, social media platforms, and internet web sites, these e-cigarettes is the latest and most popular trend amongst all smokers. According to recent studies, it is found that the ads on e-cigarettes have risen significantly from 2011 to date.

Reason for such a shift

There are a lot of reasons for such a shift among smokers and the rise in the demand and sale of e-cigarettes. However, the most significant reasons seem to be:

  • The high-tech design
  • A wide variety of flavors available
  • Easy availability and
  • Providing the same feeling as a traditional cigarette albeit in a safer manner.

You will find these e-cigarettes being sold in mall kiosks, retail outlets, convenience stores, and online websites as well. These cigarettes are desirable to both young adults and youth.

The parts and components

You will get these e-cigarettes as a typical starter kit. This kit will typically contain the e-cigarette device, several cartridges, and a battery. You can choose a kit that may cost you as low as $30 dollars, but there are others that cost more as well.

Depending on the manufacturer you choose you will also have different styles and models of these e-cigarettes. You will need to purchase replacement cartridges to enjoy the benefits of this unique device. Therefore, when you are buying a kit of a specific model, brands, and style, make sure that you consider the cost of the replacement cartridges as well.

Popular among all smokers

Using these e-cigarettes, you will be able to give up your ‘pack a day’ smoking habit easily and therefore these special cigarettes are very popular among smokers of all types, age, race, and religion.

You will find several celebrity spokespeople endorsing an e-cig, and these are even seen being used frequently by several celebrity actors in public as well.

About the awareness

The awareness of e-cigarettes is nothing new.

  • According to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, almost 40% of adults in 2010 were well aware of e-cigarettes.
  • The study also showed that nearly 10% of active tobacco smokers used an e-cigarette by that time.
  • However, in the following year, this number grew up to 60% of adults as far as awareness of e-cigarettes is concerned and almost 21% of smokers used an e-cigarette instead of the traditional cigarette.

The use of e-cigarette has increased across all groups of smokers including young adults. However, the sharpest increase rate in awareness and usage is noticed amongst the group of smokers aged 45 to 54 years. This includes both former as well as current smokers.

If you look at the information published by the National Center of Biotechnological Information, NCBI you will know they conducted two separate surveys. You will know that multivariable models such as a national online study and the Legacy Longitudinal Smoker Cohort were used to find out the awareness of e-cigarette among smokers as well as to know about its usage statistics and harm perceptions.

Results of different studies

Results from all different studies conducted on e-cigarettes regarding awareness and usage were almost the same. However, the highest level of awareness is among the current tobacco smokers. Use of e-cigarettes among current tobacco smokers was found to be nearly 11.4% in comparison to the 3.4% of the total smokers’ population.

  • In addition to that, studies also showed that almost 2% of former tobacco smokers have switched to using e-cigarettes.
  • Surprisingly, it was also found that about 0.8% of people who have never used tobacco before are now using e-cigarettes.
  • In all the surveys conducted till now, current smokers, non-Hispanic Caucasians, young adults, and even those having at least a high-school diploma were included.

Among all these participants, most perceived these e-cigarettes are incredibly harmless than any other conventional cigarettes you get in a regular store.

Emerging usage pattern

The consequence of these studies however brought in several recommendations for product regulation as well as a careful surveillance on public health to monitor the impact of the e-cigarettes and the emerging utilization patterns.

The profile of the users, utilization process, and level of satisfaction received and the perception of the harm and the efficacy of e-cigarettes are considered during such studies. This makes sure that these studies are comprehensive and all aspects are covered to arrive at a more precise and reasonable result.

It is also seen that apart from the fact that the level of awareness of e-cigarettes is high in the adult population, the most common reason for using these e-cigarettes by the consumers is that fact that it is harmless and most effective in reducing cravings.

E-cigarette users are well aware of the less toxic ingredients of these devices making it the most affordable and effective alternatives to conventional cigarettes. These help to avoid relapse in the users who are struggling to find effective ways to give up smoking.

The effective results

The use of e-cigarettes has helped several smokers in tobacco cessation helping them to quit smoking. However, it is found through these studies that the nicotine e-cigarettes are as effective as achieving tobacco cessation for six months. Additionally, it never reported any adverse events identified or reported with the use of e-cigarettes during these cessation periods.

However, too much of goodness and lots of benefits of these e-cigarettes have also raised concern among the critics. This concern is regarding the use of these e-cigarettes among adolescents especially those attending middle and high school. This resulted in the FDA regulation regarding jurisdiction, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of e-cigarettes.