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Tips for Staying Healthy as a Small Business Owner

Small and medium size business owners have been candidates of spending long hours working on their growing businesses. It is easy for the business to take over their life because there is always more work to be done and more fields to be covered. This leaves them with a little time to eat and work out. However, the growing business highly depends on the owner, it is therefore important for them to step away from the work environment and take care of their health. Below are some tips to help you stay healthy while still growing your business:

1. Fuel up Your Body in The Morning

After the long fast while sleeping, a full breakfast is the most important thing to get you started. Skipping breakfast increases the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and increased insulin levels. These conditions, if not managed, can lead to heart diseases. A good breakfast helps the body organs to kick start their functions which in turn improves your focus, energy, and concentration. For maximum nutrients intake, it is important to include three food groups in your breakfast, they include: fruits, proteins, and energy foods (carbohydrates).

2. Set up a Healthy Lunch Date for Yourself

Come up with a quick healthy lunch meal by ensuring that it consists of a half plate of vegetable, one quarter of the plate proteins and the other quarter grains and fruits. A well balanced plate of lunch will give you the energy you need to be active throughout the afternoon. It will also help prevent brain fog, a condition associated with low blood sugar. This condition makes it hard to think straight and distorts your focus. Coming up with this meal is not a difficult or time consuming task at all. All you need is to pass by the grocery store on your way to work and pick out some vegetables and fruits from the salad bar. You can carry some dinner leftovers from home which should include some meat and a piece of bread or potatoes.

3. Afternoon Snacking

An afternoon snack is important to curb those cravings that come up when you are stressed. Stress increases the hormone cortisol, which in turn cause the body to crave for sugar. At this point, avoid fast foods or the vending machine at all costs. Instead, always make sure that you have a serving of your own snacks such as yogurt, berries, nuts, seeds and fruits. These snacks increases serotonin, or the feel good hormone, which calms the body nerves and lowers blood sugar, making you more calm and able to handle stressful situations when alert. If you are likely to be late for dinner, you can add your choice of a protein rich food to your afternoon snack. Beef Jercky and hard boiled eggs are great to keep you full till late hours.

4. Walk More

If your business requires you to be seated most of the time, you can always leave the office for meeting earlier than necessary and walk there (if not very far) so that you do not need to drive or take a cab. Secondly when talking on the phone, stand up or pace up from one point to another. Take short breaks from your work and step out side for fresh air. This will help a great deal with blood circulation.

5. Get Yourself a Health Coach

With the support from a qualified health coach, you will achieve all the above and still have enough time for your business. He are she will morally support you and encourage you by setting goals for you.