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Common E-cigarette Myths

Ever since the dangers of smoking became widely known, there have been significant efforts made to create effective “stop-smoking” products, but none of them met with any great level of success until the arrival of ecigarettes, which succeeded precisely because they offered the familiarity of cigarettes, but were much less harmful to a person’s health. Sadly, however, for all ecigarettes have been far more successful than any other type of “stop-smoking” product, their widespread adoption has been hindered by a range of “urban myths”. Here are three of them and the actual truth.

Ecigarettes are a lot more expensive than regular cigarettes

To be fair, the origins of this myth are fairly understandable. When people switch to vaping, they need to make the upfront purchase of the vaporizer and in the early days of ecigarettes; these could be fairly expensive for what they were. Now, however, the vaporizers are much more affordable so this is much less of an issue, in fact, you can now get a decent vaporizer for the same sort of price as a decent cigarette lighter.

On that point, the cost of charging the batteries on an ecigarette has to be balanced against the cost of lighter fluid/matches. It also has to be noted that ecigarettes are much less of a fire hazard than regular cigarettes, which have naked flames; they are also much less likely to cause minor accidents such as burning holes in fabric.

Ecigarettes contain nicotine so they’re just as bad as regular cigarettes

The first part of this statement is true, the second part definitely isn’t. Basically, there are two ways in which traditional cigarettes damage your health. The first way is, indeed, via their nicotine content, although even here it’s worth noting that the nature of ecigarettes gives you a much greater level of control over the exact level of nicotine you consume and makes it much easier to wean yourself off it gently. The second way, however, is via the smoke they generate and, in particular, via its tar content. This causes massive damage to your lungs. Ecigarettes, by contrast, produce vapour rather than smoke, which is the main reason why they are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. What’s more, is most eliquids are sold without nicotine which can be purchased separately, eradicating the myth altogether.

Ecigarette liquid can have anything inside it

This myth probably came about due to the fact that eliquid comes in a much wider range of flavours than regular tobacco and hence uses a wider range of ingredients to create those flavours. It’s also fair to say that some eliquids made internationally may potentially contain diacetyl, which has been associated with lung disease, however leaving aside the fact that this is only the case at very high exposures, there is the fact that diacetyl is banned in the UK, which means that this is only a potential issue if buying eliquid abroad and it also has to be acknowledged that cigarettes made in and for use in some international markets can also be significantly more dangerous to your health than cigarettes made for sale in the UK.

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