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How Psychologists Help Couples Grow Closer

 In most pieces online that you will read about psychology, you’re going to learn all about how the trained professional psychologist works with the individual to help them realize certain things about their mind that can be self-corrected with the help of the professional. Though psychology actually goes well beyond the individual as a science. There are trained psychologists out there who also deal in what we colloquially know as couples therapy, often called marriage counselling. This is where both parties in a relationship are seeing the same psychologist to really unravel the mysteries of how their once-loving relationship is going off the rails.

 While there are understandably a lot of people who are very suspicious of couples counselling, even to the point of being cynical, couples who have benefited from the proper psychological help via places like the Lionheart Psychology Group have nothing but good things to say about how they were helped and how their relationships were saved. Here are some of the best benefits that couples can look forward to when deciding to see a professional psych counsellor.

The Four Best Benefits of Psychology for Couples

1: Improve Your Communication

 One of the most common reasons for divorce is always “irreconcilable differences.” When this line is unpacked in family court, it’s usually one of or both of the parties claiming that they were unable to communicate with their partner anymore. A psychologist is an impartial ear that listens to your problems and seeks to understand what’s going wrong. They’re not there to play referee, nor to tell you what to do. However, the psychologist is listening to what’s happening between you as a couple and will offer advice to help you better communicate. A relationship with open lines of communication is one that’s more likely to last.

2: Better Manage Your Conflict

 Many relationship experts claim that all couples share two main things in common. First, they initially claim they’ll never fight like all of those other couples, and second, they end up fighting just like all of those other couples. Couples counselling helps people understand what they’ve been overlooking, in that your partner is an individual with their own hopes, dreams and wishes, and nobody lines up perfectly. A psychologist can help you learn how to recognize signals, respect boundaries, and approach conflict in a new way that doesn’t devolve into actually fighting. Conflict resolution has saved countless relationships.

3: Build Stronger Bonds of Trust

 We live in a different society today than generations ago, and for individuals who do want to cheat on their significant other or keep secrets, it’s made a lot easier now with social media and so much of our lives being online. People can easily lead double lives. This, unfortunately, means that suspicions are growing larger in today’s relationships than ever before. “Why is that guy following you on social media?!” Or “Your ex-girlfriend is speaking with you?!” These things erode trust, and the erosion of trust can drive someone away. Psychologists are trained to get to the root causes of this and many, many more issues that can damage trust in a relationship.

4: Revitalize Your Intimacy

 Intimacy isn’t only sex, but sex is a big part of intimacy. As couples live together over time and age, they are driven apart not only from the bedroom but also insightful conversations at the table, or loving time spent snuggling in front of a movie, or even travelling and laughing together. Many people aren’t doing it on purpose, but they’re growing complacent and taking their significant other for granted. A psychologist can identify these problems and truly help couples revitalize the intimacy that’s so important to relationships.

 There are many different couples out there in need of counselling, and they might not even be aware of it. Or, they could be aware of it but are just too skeptical or reserved to go through with making an appointment. At some point in the relationship, you and your significant other need to decide if your love is worth salvaging or if it’s just something you should abandon. If you want to save it, then seeing a trained psychologist might be the best way to go.