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Simple Summer Care Tips for Your Horse!

Summers are one of the best times of the year for you to be riding your horse. However, this is one season for your horse that can be dangerous. This is why you must take extra care when it comes to keeping your horse physically and mentally fit. The following are some simple tips to help you keep your horse healthy and happy during the summer months-

Turnout the stall during the cooler parts of the day

If you need to turn out the stall of your horse, make sure you do it in the night. In case, that is not possible, take your horse out early in the morning. However, do not keep your horse out during the day as this is a time that is very dangerous for your horse.

Give your horse plenty of shade

In case your horse is kept outdoors, make sure it gets plenty of shade during the summer months. You can keep your horse under trees that give it shade in case you do not have a shed to keep it in.

Keep the air flowing

In barns, make sure your horse is kept away from fan plugs and cords. The air should be flowing all the time so that it gets plenty of air.

Water for drinking

Water is a must for horses during the summer months. Horses must be hydrated. This applies equally to domestic horses and those that participate in professional racing tournaments on TVG and the like. The horse must be given water to keep it hydrated and cool. In case, your horse does not like drinking water much, make sure you give it electrolyte water that is complete with minerals and nutrients.

Frequently mist your horse

You should regularly mist your horse. This will cool it down. You should have a good quality misting system that will help your horse remain cool during the hot summer months. Always remember when you are misting your horse, make sure you do it frequently over a single dousing.

Short sessions of work and exercise

In case you want your horse to work or even exercise, make sure you do not be too harsh on your horse. You should take it for short sessions and check the quality of the environment and the air that your horse will breathe in. Make sure that the humidity is not too high when you are taking your horse out for a walk or exercise. You should not make your horse sweat profusely.

Therefore, when you are taking care of your horse, make sure that you keep these summer tips in mind. They will help your horse remain cool and healthy. In case, your horse shows signs of health distress; you should immediately contact the vet. Feed your horse clean pasture or hay in case it does not have access to fresh and clean hay. At the same time, ensure that your horse gets the sleep and rest it needs to remain fit, active and healthy during the hot and sultry summer months!