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The importance of collagen in the body and how to get it

Staying fit, young and healthy is a common wish for all! One of the elements in the body that helps to attain it all is Collagen. And with age and lack of a proper body care regime, the production of collagen reduces. It naturally invites the signs of aging and a weak body. Not many people are aware of the importance of collagen and ways to enhance it.

Understanding the importance of collagen

Collagen is a vital fibrous protein in the connective tissues. It’s present in our joints, bones as well as skin. Collagen is one of the natural generating proteins that comprise about 30% of the overall body protein component. Its function is to hold the body, just like glue which offers strength and firmness. Furthermore, collagen sometimes is considered stronger than steel, especially Type 1 collagen.

The collagen proteins in the body form fibrils. And these are tissues that get arranged in a daily pattern. As we age the collagen production minimizes, which leads to weak connections. It is the reason why we get the weak joints, skin wrinkles and have problems in ligaments and tendons. It also results in bone loss and osteoporosis in some people.

Often post-exercise our muscle tissue undergoes a repair mechanism. It is because of the microscopic tears inside the muscles that lead to the expansion. While the muscle growth quickly responds in exercise, the development of the connective tissue and collagen is unusually slow. Pigment changes, wrinkles, and lines on the skin are direct after-effects of collagen breakdown.

How to enhance collagen production in the body?

That is the obvious question you would want to ask. Some of the important ways to enhance your collagen production include the following:

  • Get the right balance of Vitamin C

An absence of Vitamin C has shown to cause scurvy in people. And Vitamin C is essential for collagen boost. One of the principal sources of Vitamin C is citrus fruits, broccoli, kiwis, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables. Regular intake of these vegetables and fruits will help you boost your collagen production, which will help you strengthen your joints, muscles and give your skin the necessary smoothness and suppleness it requires.

  • Saying yes to the safe collagen boosting products

Today, you can have access to some of the best collagen boosting products online! You can browse and buy from There are plenty to select from. These products are known for their wide range of benefits.

  • Enhance your protein content

Collagen in addition to protein components in the body is made of building blocks such as amino acids. And for generation of amino acids, you need to develop proteins by adding protein content in the body. Protein helps to repair the muscle tissues and also strengthen the collagen content. Hence, a healthy balance of dietary protein from fish is essential.

These are some of the ways to enhance collagen production in the body! However, you should also read through the reviews online and the feedback before you opt-in for the collagen boosting products. Also, read the benefits of the collagen supplements before opting for it.