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The Many Facets of Chiropractic Services

Skilled doctors of chiropractic services, used to focus only on a few simple techniques of manipulation when it first came about decades ago. However, in the 20th century, this has all changed and become a wider facility that treats more than just spinal and back pain.

With new-age technology, modern educational facilities, and the privatization of this sector, where many certified medical professionals can open their practices, they seek to specialize in this service but also offer a one-stop-service to many patients who suffer from other related issues.

In this article, we look at a few of these other services that chiropractic practices offer.

The Many Different Therapies Offer Chiropractors

These medical experts are usually known for their techniques which help resolve numerous back issues such as pain, discomfort, and inflammation. However, not many people know that they offer more than this.

Doctors of chiropractic services, also perform other specialized neurological and physical evaluations, they can also diagnose spinal disorders in patients who go to them for a consultation, they help create treatment plans that are spine-related, to find the cause of issues affecting the central nervous system and seek to find solutions.

They would often recommend and assist with several things, found on this website, and lifestyle modification and other treatments too, including but not limited to, diet and exercise, nutritional counseling, spinal traction, manual soft tissue therapy, stretching and exercise, and transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS).

Spinal Traction

Spinal traction is another service chiro’s display in their service portfolio, this is a form of decompression therapy that helps to release spinal pressure and can be done mechanically using specific tools or manually using their hands. It is a common practice used to treat both general and specific issues, general issues include pinched nerves, disc degenerative diseases, sciatica, and herniated discs for instance. We look at the specific issues below.

In this instance, the practitioner will stretch the spine in a way that takes the pressure off your spine and compressed discs. The result is it straightens the spine and also helps the body to heal itself in the process.  People who have certain issues can significantly benefit from this form of therapy.

The logic behind this method used by many practitioners is it reverses the force of gravity:, and those who suffer from specific issues such as foramina stenosis, facet diseases, bone spurs, facet diseases for instance. It is important to note that those who already suffer from certain types of cancers and osteoporosis should not opt for this type of therapy as it may cause them more pain than they were in before.

This method, however, is expected to cause muscle spasms which can take place during the therapy session, but this is part of the healing process.

Muscle Stimulation

Another interesting service you can visit a practice for is muscle stimulation, which uses electric pulses that are conveyed through electrodes throughout the body, causing electrical stimulation, and this is often used to alleviate symptoms of pain and to minimize inflammation as well.

Some of the best chiropractors use to treat muscle spasms and reduce muscle atrophy and the methods can be combined with other physical modalities such as ultrasound, or   Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) which is also a portable machine that can also be used within the confines of the home and through a variety of intensities, it can help patients get through severe pain in the body.

Therapeutic Exercises

To make sure they're doing their job properly, an experienced Orange City chiropractor will not only make sure they help you find the best therapeutic exercises for your ailment, but will also help create a plan that suits your lifestyle and help get you better in no time.

Many athletes visit these specialists for their injuries and discomforts and they are often put on a plan of specific stretching and exercises to help keep their muscles and joints in the topmost conditions.  They often recommend exercises for everything from neck pain to back pain and extreme problems, which will help to decrease pain, promote healthy joints, increase strength and stability as well as prevent further muscle deterioration.

They will also help you to figure how to avoid recurring injuries in the long run so you don’t get injured as often.  They will physically show you how to performs these practices and will help through supervision, ensuring you do not hurt yourself and you are doing it properly.

Research done on the exercises that they prescribe have shown that they help athletes and any individuals heal injuries much faster than if they had not done them at all. The trick is to make sure you do them as per their instruction and regularly. If you had the choice of taking drugs, as an athlete, or exercising, the better option would be to do the physical activity so you don’t end up getting side-effects from the drugs later on in life or your immediate life.

There are other practices within this field such as ice and heat therapy, and overall diet and lifestyle plans that they can place you on to help you get rid of specific issues. If you didn’t know before, now you know, that these practitioners can help you with an array of common problems that people face in today's stressful environments.