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Play together to stay together: couples are now working out together to work things out

‘Couples, who sweat together, remain together' is the new mantra for the new generation. People are hitting the gym, yoga workshop, Pilates classes, and track with their spouses. They are signing up for fitness challenges online and going on marathons together. Studies on the new couples' trend show that fitness not only boosts physical health but also spices up the romance in relationships.

So, before you take your significant other on a romantic dinner, why not invite them to burn a few calories together? We have compiled five reasons couples personal training is the best therapy for any romantic relationship –

  1. Increases happiness

The effect of workouts on the happiness hormones is already popular. Several lab studies show that couples feel significantly happier than usual after a round of joint exercises. It is a form of psychological cum physiological arousal that pushes the romantic attraction. The new challenge and overcoming it together boost the feelings of confidence and satiation among the pair. Sharing a fitness goal, regular walks and joint memberships at the gym can benefit anyone going through a rough patch in their relationship.

  1. Boosts the love

The release of serotonin and dopamine facilitates the feeling of love. Sweaty palms, shortness of breath and a racing heart – all the signs mimic the signs of physiological arousal. During couple's workout sessions people are always one step away from mistaking the physical symptoms for romantic arousal. Thanks to this psychological effect, it is super easy to boost one’s attractiveness in the eyes of the significant other.

  1. Improves the drive to workout

It is not just great for the relationship, working out together is also great for the physical health of the people involved. Involving a romantic partner in your daily workout routine can boost your energy output by making the regime interesting. Research shows that a person can improve their speed and endurance from working together with a partner. Most importantly, it even works for pairs, who are not involved romantically. You can take your friend, office colleague or sibling along for completing your common fitness goals.

  1. Completion of fitness goals

When you partner up for a common challenge, you share common interests. It is imperative to feel the same way about shared concerns to improve the understanding between couples. Completing fitness goals become a delight when husbands find their wives' support in every step of the way. Psychological studies show that outsourcing the effort necessary to finish these goals reduce one’s own effort and build camaraderie.

  1. Strengthens the emotional bond

When you are outsourcing your mental efforts towards a common goal, you are automatically boosting the emotional relationship you have with your workout partner. The relationship can be a romantic one or completely platonic. Couple's workouts are not just for spouses or lovers. They are ideal for friends, office colleagues and siblings trying to work on their interpersonal relationships.

While fitness can help you achieve your dream physique, it can also help strengthen the relationships in your life. So get out there, enjoy the perks of couple’s training programs and get in shape for the next summer!