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Find your dream destination for Lebanese cuisine in New Jersey

Experimenting with different kinds of food is what many food lovers like and they would be delighted to find a slice of the Middle East in New Jersey. New Brunswick Evelyns is the home for authentic Middle Eastern cuisines that assures an unforgettable sojourn for those who love the spice and scent of herbs from the desert countries. A Lebanese restaurant to many, is an eatery that caters to all kinds of tastes and not Lebanese or Mediterranean food only. If you want to taste something different than what the place is famous for them, also you will be happy to get what you want. The restaurant is capable of delighting foodies just in the way they want. There is something for everyone and never will you feel disappointed in choosing the food and drinks which even if a bit unconventional will be available just for you.

Lebanese food

Fresh ingredient, herbs, and spices are at the heart of the Lebanese diet that enjoys a strong fan following in the West. The common seasonings comprise of mint, oregano, parsley, garlic, nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon and the use of heavy sauce is almost absent or minimal. Practically every meal includes bread which is the staple food for the Lebanese. 

Lebanon is a country that flourishes on multiculturalism which is the reason for its food gaining popularity in foreign countries especially in the US and Europe. Lebanese cuisine has worked wonders for restaurant that has become one of the hot spots for food lovers in New Jersey.

Most popular cuisine of the Middle East

People talk about Middle Eastern cuisine and Lebanese food in the same breath, and there is a reason for it. Cuisines from the country situated in the eastern Mediterranean coast are deeply entrenched into the culture and history of the land that has helped it become the most popular among good from other countries of the region. In addition to having their indigenous cuisines, the Lebanese have adapted foods from a different culture too that have found a permanent place in their diet. Many foods are rich in exotic ingredients from the Far East which adds more variety to the already long list of mouthwatering dishes.

Dinner with appetizers and salads

Restaurants have an elaborate menu with the appetizers grabbing major attention because it is simply one of its kinds. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items make the long list of appetizers that have attractive names like Manousheh, Falafel, Feta Cheese, Labneh, Hommus with toppings, etc. The preparations comprise of an assorted collection of vegetables and fruits as well as whole grains, nuts, and legumes together with meat servings accompanied by grape leaves. The wide variety of appetizers and salads are good enough to set up a dinner menu without including any other items.

To taste the best Mediterranean cuisine in Brunswick, you must drop at the Mediterranean cuisine restaurant that has become a one-stop shop for food and entertainment at the most affordable cost.