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3D-4D Entertainment Ultrasounds: The New Trend in NYC

For many years residents in the Big Apple were using private sonogram providers because they did not have proper insurance coverage. For the most part these were illegal residents and low-income families. But in recent years even the affluent have started to use these private providers and the question is why? The reasoning behind this new surprising trend is the desire for a mother to see her child for entertainment purposes and not medical ones.
Conventional Medical Sonograms:
Every mother can recall the ultrasound experience at her local health care facility or hospital. Words like scary, intimidating, edgy and overwhelming all come to mind. The last thing a mother can do at this moment is think about pictures of the baby or looking at the baby at her own pace. In addition, some of these machines do not have such crisp imaging as they are mainly designed for medical purposes. You certainly cannot print out the image and put it on your desktop or mug. What follows then is simple, mothers looked for an alternative where they and or their husbands can view an adorable fetus sonogram at their own pace, in high resolution and in a chilled out environment.
Private 3D Ultrasound Studios:
These privately ran studios are always led by an experienced ultrasound technician or doctor that will not harm your child. The environments they create are warm and cozy. The studios are very inviting and stimulating. The resolution of the images are usually much better than you get at the doctors office and you can take them home with you. The studio will usually give you the option of printing the photos on some wonderful souvenirs like mugs and mouse-pads. A married couple can really feel like the Kings & Queens of baby ultrasounds. At the end of the day these studios advertise that these sonograms are for entertainment purposes only because that's really what you receive 100% gratifying entertainment. 
It's easy to see now why the new 3D-4D Ultrasound trend in NYC has been getting so much buzz in recent years. In started off in the Big Apple and recently it has started taking off in other big metropolitan areas like Los Angeles. Every mother owes it to herself to sit back, relax and enjoy her baby.
This lovely article was made possible with the help of 3D-4D Ultrasound Studio Queens 144-02 69th Road Flushing, NY 11367 (718) 844-2221 and 3D-4D Ultrasound Studio Brooklyn 1701 Avenue P Brooklyn, NY 11229 (718) 475-600. They are the ones who walked us through and taught us everything we needed to know to make this article a reality. It's nice to get educated by true experienced ultrasound professionals and then be able to pass on the wonderful health related information to the public.