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Five Tips for Properly Caring for Hair Extensions

Getting hair extensions is a good way to cover areas on your head where hair loss is visible. While they can be coloured and then styled to match your natural hair, they need to be treated with care after being put in. Here are five tips for taking care of your hair after getting extensions.

Washing Hair

Wait at least 48 hours after getting extensions to wash your hair. Then, before you get into the shower, use an extension brush to brush them to avoid matting and tangling. When you wash your hair, use good-quality shampoos and conditioners that do not contain alcohol or sulphur because those ingredients can break down the bond that holds the extensions in your hair.

Only wash your hair every two days or less often and don’t wash extensions upside down. If you wash your hair at night, do not go to sleep on damp extensions. Dry them with a hair dryer on low or let them air dry first. Less is more for conditioner as over-conditioning the extensions can make them get dirty quicker.

Styling Hair

After washing and conditioning your hair, use a thermal protectant product to avoid damage from hair appliances. Avoid touching the bond on the extensions with a hot iron and do not overheat your hair while drying it. Also, do not flat iron your hair as the extensions can come loose if their bonds are overheated since they were attached to your hair or mesh cap using heat.

Brushing Extensions

Be gentle when brushing your hair as tugging or pulling them can cause the hair of the extensions to break. Start brushing from the bottom of your extensions first and untangle them as you gradually move up to the top of your head. Be careful not to brush or pull at the bonds as your extensions could come loose and shorten the length of time that you can wear them.

Plait before Bedtime

Before going to sleep, you should either plait your extensions into two braids or put them up in a high ponytail. Doing so will prevent the extensions used for female hair loss treatments from tangling and matting while you’re sleeping. Using a satin pillowcase or satin pillow for sleeping will also prevent extensions from tangling or matting.

Going Swimming

If you enjoy swimming in a pool or going to the beach, try not to get your hair extensions wet. Both saltwater and chlorine can be hard on the bonds that hold the extensions in your hair. Fortunately, you don’t need to give up swimming or the water sports that you love; just put on a swim cap whenever you wish to go into the water.

If you follow these tips and are careful when taking care of your hair, then your extensions will not only look great but they will last longer. Although hair loss treatments using extensions or mesh caps are less expensive than hair replacement surgery, taking time to properly care for the extensions will also help you to save money.