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Noise cancelling device for sleeping

There are airplanes, traffic sounds, buses, cars and trains whizzing by. There are boat horns, train whistles, squealing brakes and racing engines. There might be beds creaking, winds howling, small children crying, dogs barking, birds chirping, and many other sounds disturbing your attempt to a good night of sleep.

Over the years, much research has been done in order to study sound and its effects on our health, on the body, and especially regarding our sleep. Engineers have designed noise cancelling and noise masking devices that aim to help manage sound. These devices can help us moving into a comfortable state each night.

The idea of “white noise” come to help those who are very sensitive to environmental noise or live in a noisy environments and have troubles sleeping for this reason. Expansive alarm clocks or CDs offer sounds of nature such as rain drizzling or waves crashing in order to encourage sleep with a featureless, continuous sound.

With noise works by raising user’s hearing threshold. When the level of ambient sound rises, your ears automatically get less acute. That’s why, for instance, a faucet dripping becomes ear shattering in the silence of the night, but you don’t notice it in the daytime among the many other noises.

There are even iPhone apps that generate a white noise. All these gadgets and apps are really useful for those disturbed by noise. These gadgets could change your life if used correctly. You might finally get your baby to sleep, reprieve from your snoring spouse or cover the noise made by your loud neighbours. Such a noise cancelling device for sleeping may emit sounds in order to cancel distracting noises or may block sounds in other ingenious ways.

Among the most basic gadgets is included the Marpac Sound Screen 980A. This device is on the market since the 1960s and it hasn’t changed much since then. The gadget has no electronics at all. It uses an internal fan to create white noise mechanically. The device comes with two switches, on for a loud sound and one for a soft one. Users can change the pitch of the noise by using the air vents. The device is easy to use and can be kept on all day and night, producing a continuous and seamless sound.

On the other side, there are the noise cancelling headphones and other high tech solutions. These use microphones in order to detect ambient sound patterns and then cancel those sounds by creating an “anti-noise” signal. This kind of technology works best for low frequency and constant noise. Low tech may work better for other ambient sound patterns.

Another noise cancelling device for sleeping is SoundOff. This gadget combines pink noise with an earplug in order to block most outside sound.

Another device designed for noise suppression product is the “filtered earplug.” For example, The BlastBuster Ear Plugs, block extremely loud sounds while allowing you hear all sounds at a normal conversation level. Another device called the Etymotic ER-20 is designed to provide the best experience for playing or listening to music. The earplugs preserve the pitch but reduce the volume of outside sound.