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Consult a Singapore cardiologist heart specialist clinic during an emergency

Anyone, at any time, can fall prey to a severe heart ailment! SCD (Sudden Cardiac Death) is a common, occurrence today, due to acute stress and anxiety! In recent times, there have been sudden deaths that have occurred because of this. SCD today is accountable for several heart ailments. Going by the statistics, SCD takes place usually in adults between the age group of 30 and 40. It also impacts men more than women. Instances of children getting affected by SCD are rare. However, there have been few occurrences of this as well.

Generally, SCD can get treated if it gets addressed right at the start. Hence, it is essential to connect with an ace heart specialist. For instance, if you are in Singapore and there’s an emergency, you can touch base with Julian - top cardiologist Singapore and others of the same calibre to understand the seriousness of the situation.  

Smart call during an emergency

We need to act smart during an emergency. So, if you have some with you who needs emergency care, you need to dial 911 and get immediate medical intervention. Additionally, you can also ask for a recommendation from friends and family members for heart specialists in Singapore, who you can turn to at an emergency hour.

The cardiopulmonary resuscitation process

There are several emergency techniques used to help a person who is undergoing an emergency heart problem. One of the processes is CPR that is cardiopulmonary resuscitation which is effective for a person who is not recording any heartbeat. The moment a person's heartbeat stops, even the blood stops from getting circulated all across the body. And this can also prohibit the oxygen flow. Hence, it is essential for people in an emergency to get adequate medical care and treatment, such as a CPR in the initial minutes of the event.

By managing a mix of manual chest compression as well as “mouth-to-mouth” respiration techniques, one can save a person whose heartbeat has stopped temporarily. It acts as the perfect saviour. However, even there is no one for the "mouth-to-mouth" breathing process, even a CPR acts effectively in gradually reviving the heartbeat for the real treatment to take place. However, it is important to know that the process of CPR doesn’t stop when the heartbeat gets stopped. It might just keep the person alive till such time an advanced treatment is available to the patient.

An automatic external defibrillator also comes to help

Also known as AED, the external defibrillator is also an emergency technique to help someone with a sudden heart issue. Just put it’s a device that gets used to manage electric shock via the chest walls close to the heart. This advanced device comes with in-built computers that evaluate the heart rhythm of the victim and analyse when the defibrillation is required. And this, in turn, helps to manage the shock as well. There are visual or audible prompt guides that the user can use all through the process.

Heart ailments when not treated correctly can lead to massive heart failure, where it can be difficult to save a person. Only an ace heart specialist can help a patient with an apt line of treatment.