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Vets are taking a holistic approach in pet treatment by including CBD in the list of drugs

The human connection with cannabis has been for ages, but recent developments in veterinary treatment are amply demonstrating that cannabidiol or CBD works excellently in animals too. Dogs, cats, and horses respond excellently to cannabis or more precisely CBD for some ailments like reducing anxiety and phobias, epilepsy and seizures, managing and relieving pain and inflammation, arthritis, promoting cardiovascular health, appetite improvement and fighting nausea. Therefore, it is no surprise that dogs are turning to hemp oil or rather vets and pet lovers are falling back on CBD products for the well being of pets.  The cannabis administered to pets is rich in cannabidiol or CBD only and does not contain the psychoactive agent THC because it is extracted from hemp plant that belongs to the cannabis family but not marijuana.

Cannabis is illegal in the US according to federal law, but many states have legalized it. Moreover, CBD is partially legal as the law allows the use of CBD for research which indicates that there is nothing wrong to use CBD. It is a clear departure from the earlier stand of the government that clubbed CBD with the dreaded marijuana and brought it under the list of prohibited substances, but things are now changing, and it is also evident in the field of veterinary science. More and more vets are advocating the use of CBD for giving pets a happy and healthy life. Remember that CBD is hemp and not marijuana and therefore you can try it out on your beloved pet that enjoys a better life free from diseases and ailments related to aging.

Marijuana and hemp

Marijuana and hemp are cousins as both originate from cannabis sativa, but these are two different varieties. It often happens that we talk about marijuana and hemp in the same breath as it belongs to the same family but if marijuana is rogue hemp is the good guy that comes with several medicinal benefits. The two are different in many ways, the most prominent being THC content. Tetrahydro carbinol or THC is a psychoactive agent present in cannabis that is responsible for causing drastic changes to the mind by causing ‘high.' It is only for THC that marijuana has earned a bad name and classified as a controlled substance.

THC content in marijuana can be as high as 30% whereas for hemp it can be 0.3% maximum per dry weight. Therefore, there are no chances of CBD derived from hemp being anything like marijuana in causing ‘high.' Taking note of the medical benefits of hemp, the US lawmakers have now come forward and introduced a bill to legalize industrial hemp which is the primary source of CBD. The Hemp Farming Act that is on the anvil will convert hemp into an agricultural product by bringing it out from the ambit of controlled substances.

CBD working modality

CBD is just one of many chemicals found in the hemp plant that also contains terpenoids, phytocannabinoids, and flavonoids. Humans, as well as animals, have cannabinoid receptors in the cannabinoid system that exist in the brain, peripheral organs, the central nervous system as well as the immune cells. Cannabinoids interact with the receptors and help to cure a number of diseases and ailments like pains, seizures, tumors, neurological disorders, and skin conditions. 

CBD for dogs

 Whether your dog is suffering from cancer or some chronic disease, CBD products can effectively control the conditions and reduce the suffering of the poor animal.  Arthritis ridden pets respond well to CBD treatment as the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of the compound are very useful in pain management. Chronic conditions like stress responses, compromised immune systems, digestive issues and aggression in pets are all well treated with CBD products that are available in the form of oils, tincture, soft chews, and treats.

Pets that experience sprains and strains would benefit from CBD just as it would do if it is suffering from bone breaks, torn ligaments and during post-operative care by reducing swelling, stiffness, and pain. The therapeutic effects of CBD stretch so much that it can help to reduce the dosage of conventional drugs that the pet might be using currently that improves the life of pet due to lesser side effects from less use of drugs and medicines.

Is CBD safe for pets?

In addition to its effectiveness, CBD is attractive because it does not have any adverse side effects. At the most, it can make the pet feel slightly drowsy at the beginning that goes away as the body starts tolerating the herbal compound. Most importantly, it will never cause high, and there is no risk of pets becoming inebriated due to use of CBD. In very rare cases, there might be some occasional instances of mild vomiting or essive itchiness.  Therefore, it can be surmised that it is safe to use CBD on pets but only after consulting a vet who has experience in administering CBD products.

CBD dosage

The dosage of CBD is important because, like any other things, too much CBD can be bad, and you must first determine the tolerance level of the body before deciding on the right dosage. The general rule of thumb is to start low and then gradually build up. Some veterinarian recommends starting with 1 ml CBD per 10lb body weight of the pet, two times a day. This dosage is for commercially available CBD oil, and it will be different for homemade tincture.

For CBD capsules, start with a quarter of the full capsule and then increase it gradually until you get the results. The increase can happen at an interval of 4 to 5 days, but it depends on how the pet reacts to it. Any signs on intolerance should be the reason for lowering the dosage because, in the absence of any medical studies about dosage, you must depend on trial and error to ascertain the right dosage.

The ideal dose is the one that keeps the dog cheerful and happy because this is what you want to achieve.