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Eye Bag Removal In Singapore: Know Your Treatment Options

In modern Singapore, the working population is continually increasing. This white-collar class is fully tied up with replying to emails and their project completion deadlines. Severe competition compels them to pour in extra hours to meet their targets. The work pressure gives them deteriorating health and eye bags that depict tiredness and lifelessness at a very young age. Many individuals are seeking out the best eye bag removal in Singapore.

What Are Eye Bags?

The human eye comprises muscle and skin around it. When the muscle drops its strength - due to overexertion - a lump or a bag, filled with extra fat is formed that depicts an eye bag. Furthermore, in due time, bloody fluids accumulate and stain the under eye, creating shadows and form a very bulky lower lid.

What Are The Causes Of Eye Bags?

Not only one but many concurrent issues can lead to eye bags.

●      Work Pressure: During work pressure, you are stressed. Your body reacts naturally and pumps additional blood supply to your vital organs. This leads to a lesser amount of blood to your face, causing it to look pale. Stress affects your sleep quality as well, thus increasing the blood supply to your lower lid that enhances the eye bags formation.

●      Heredities: Some people have a stronger genetic predisposition of getting eye bags.

●      Reactions: Some prominent allergies - either food or weather conditions - cause extra fluids to be released from the blood vessels. This affects the adjacent eye area, causing it to be puffy.

●      Age: As one ages, collagen and elastin breaks down, causing the under eye skin to sag.

Usually, mild eye bags are prominently seen when you tend to look at the sky, whereas in case of severe eye bags, they are visible from any angle.

What Is Scarless Eye Bag Removal Or Lower Blepharoplasty Surgery?

In a scarless eye bag removal procedure, a very small cut is made below the lower eyelid to remove the extra fat deposits in such a manner that there is no discernibility of the scar from outside. This sophisticated surgical process is done by giving full sedation and local anesthesia. Your entire eye gains back its laxity with a revitalized and young-looking appearance after the removal of eye bags, by the experienced plastic surgeon.

This is one form of plastic surgery which is also known as - Lower Blepharoplasty Surgery

What Can I Expect During The Procedure To Remove The Eye Bag?

One of the following techniques is adopted by the plastic surgeon depending on your eye bag severity:

●      Incisional Method: A minute cut is made under the lower eyelashes. As per the patients' desire, the removed eye bag fat is relocated. To avail the best results, the cheek can be uplifted. Fat grafting along with the eye bag removal surgery can offer the best results.

●      Scarless Eye Bag Removal Method: It is also termed as the Trans-Conjunctival approach. When the eye bag is not very severe, this is the best option that is done on the lower eyelid. Fat grafting and scarless surgery can be done simultaneously without giving any visible scar on the skin after the surgery.

For Whom Is The Eye Bag Removal Surgery Recommended?

The reality is this surgery can be performed on anyone and everyone - without any age bar! But some of the below-mentioned realities will give better results:

●      Younger age

●      Mild to moderate eye bags condition

●      Lesser loose (laxity) skin

●      Less amount of excess skin around the eye

How Painful Is The Entire Eye Bag Removal Procedure?

During the entire Lower Blepharoplasty Surgery, anesthesia is used to numb the entire eye and its surroundings. If you want, you have an option of 100% sedation throughout the removal process.

What Is The Total Duration Of The Eye Bag Removal Procedure?

The total operating procedure is around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

How Safe Is The Entire Eye Bag Removal Procedure?

In Singapore, as per the MOH guidelines, only the accredited and qualified plastic surgeon can perform this surgery, hence it is very safe. In short, all the surgeons who perform Lower Blepharoplasty are of very high caliber. Years of practical experience and hard examinations are performed by almost all qualified plastic surgeons. You are surely in safe hands.

How Do I Get Ready Before My Lower Blepharoplasty?

1. One week before your surgery you should avoid:

●      Alcohol

●      Smoking

●      Painkillers

●      Any item that contains Vitamin-E

This helps in curtailing various operational complications like wound infections, blood clotting, or extra blood loss.

2. One day before the eye bag surgery you should immediately get in touch with the surgeons in case of the following symptoms:

●      Eye irritation

●      Red eyes

●      Fever

●      Any other illnesses

What Is The Downtime After Surgery?

Some trivial puffiness and staining around the eyes and its adjacent skin can be experienced but will disappear within a few days. No visible scars are seen. 100% recovery will take around one to two weeks.