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Health Benefits: Is Body Massage Can Reduce Body Fat?

Although many people know the many benefits a regular massage can give, a lot of them are still not able to visit spa regularly even if they want to because of their work schedule. Putting the visit to the spa to your to-do list could give you a lot of benefits. It can reduce the stress that you gain from everyday work. Aside from relaxation, we can gain other things from massage. For instance, it helps us cope with anxiety and depression, improves sleep, and relieves headaches. Being said that, many people are wondering if it can also reduce body fat

Massage is applying pressure on specific parts of your body, with a certain degree of similarity. Can it really reduce body fat? The short answer is: Yes. But how? The following are some more benefits of getting a massage that aid to reducing body fats.

Enhance Your Blood Circulation

Massage can enhance our blood circulation. If the blood doesn’t circulate well, stroke, heart issues, and severe damages to arteries can happen. So it is crucial to have your blood circulate properly all throughout your body.

More so, increased blood flow also promotes cell growth and organ function. You will also see the difference in your skin as it will look better since a healthy skin can fight off bacteria and other infections better. Getting a massage can also help you manage your diabetes since the said disease can alter the blood circulation in your body.

The significance of having a great blood flow is great. It can help our heart and other muscles in our body by increasing oxygen supply and flow. Working out and getting a massage can help us achieve that.

Help to Increase Your Muscle Strength and Endurance

If you are one of those body-conscious individuals, you probably spend a lot of time in the gym doing hardcore exercises to build muscles and improve your overall wellness. With healthy muscles, you are more likely to avoid accidents that are linked with weak muscles and you can also prevent yourself from getting some dangerous illnesses. The thing is, your muscles also get tired either from your exercise or just from your daily grind at work. A good massage can indeed be a great way to revitalize and refresh your tired muscles.

Other than that, you can have the ability to accomplish your daily task more efficiently. With capable muscles, you can do house chores alone like redesigning the layout of your home or lifting a heavy grocery bag. Older people strengthen their muscles to be able to be independent as long as they can without the help of a nurse or a caretaker.

If your muscles are in good physical shape, you can actually avoid a number of chronic diseases. If you increase the mass of your muscle, your body fat percentage will decrease. This can result in a reduced risk of some diseases like high-blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, and cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. According to different studies, people who have osteoporosis can also cope better if they are engaged in training to develop their muscles.

Boost Body Metabolism and Helps to Cut Down Cellulite

Stress doesn’t only affect our psychological state, it also has a connection with our metabolism. If we are stressed, the body releases cortisol to defend our body and to help us overcome with stressful situations. Unfortunately, it can also slow down the digestive functions. If it happens, food will stay longer to the stomach that can cause ill health effects like an intestinal blockage.

The best way to prevent this is to have a regular exercise. Cardiovascular workouts and weight lifting can burn calories so you can maintain muscle mass and lower the body fat percentage. If you tend to ignore this thing, you can easily get obese and acquire more sickness.

To complement your exercise, a regular trip to your spa to get a massage can surely help. It will help you reduce the cellulite in your body. If you have accumulated too much fat, cellulite will also be present. It is a persistent subcutaneous fat that causes dimpling of the skin, normally found on hips and thighs. With a proper massage, you can remove this ugly cellulite marks and then, the fat will be properly distributed which can help your body absorb fats easier.

Exercise together with regular massage can really help improve your metabolism and cut the cellulite in your body down.

Reduce Fat Cells

Fat cells are actually energy stored in your body. If you actually burn fewer calories than you take, your body stores the excess as fat. Of course, regular exercise and proper diet are the major keys to reduce fats. Being said that, you can still do other ways which complement with exercise and your diet, and massage is one of them. According to researchers, if you massage an area where fat usually accumulates, fats will be reduced.

Clear the Body Toxins

The one responsible for getting rid of toxins in our body is our circulatory system. Accumulation of toxins is also one of the reasons why fats in our body increase. As already stated above, massage can help improve the flow of the blood in the body. You can get rid of toxins by applying massage to your body’s fatty areas and it can also improve your stamina. Toxins and fats are related so if you put in an effort to remove toxins, reduction of fats will also follow.

You may ask your therapist to do a specific massage that will fit your needs before setting up an appointment using their spa pos. For instance, there is three usual massage that spas give that are very effective and successful in melting away different layers of fat in your body. Below are some examples:

  • Aromatherapy massage can help you reduce your binge eating desires. It uses different kinds of oils for this purpose like an extract from flowers, fruits, leaves, and seeds. It can also help you improve sleep and help get rid of muscle pains.
  • Lymphatic massage can help you boost your metabolism. It can also help you flush toxins away from your body. Additionally, this type of massage can help you cope with anxiety and stress. If you regularly seek lymphatic massage, you can see the changes in your eating habits because overeating will be taken away from your lifestyle.
  • Lastly, abdominal massage can also help you get rid of toxins and help your digestive system work smoother. If you compliment this with a healthy lifestyle, you will be consuming fewer calories and you will have an active and healthy life.