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Six Common Types of Dental Services

Visiting the dentist is never fun but it’s indispensable for maintaining good oral health. The majority of people schedule an appointment when experiencing an intolerable toothache. After performing a dental examination, the dentist decides which procedure is most suitable for the treatment of your dental issue.

Some patients visit the dentist for gum disease treatments, while others do it for cosmetic reasons. In any case, the dentist is supposed to be trustworthy, friendly, experienced, and capable of performing various services.

When looking for a family-friendly Mt Vernon dentist, make sure he/she provides the following dental services.


Fillings are unquestionably among the most frequently used dental services, whenever individuals cope with tooth decay, injury, or cavities. Whenever a patient visits the dentist because of a toothache, he/she has the tooth checked for potential cracks and cavities. The examination is performed either with the assistance of X-rays or visually.

In case the tooth requires fixing, the patient will have the affected tissue removed with a drill, after which the hole will be filled with a dental filling. Dentists provide individuals with a choice of various fillings, the most preferred of which are the porcelain ones. Gold and silver fillings are still used but most patients considered the porcelain variants a better alternative.

Root canal

Another frequently performed dental procedure is the root canal, necessary when teeth are seriously decayed, infected, or injured. Such a procedure is required after a person leaves decay untreated for a long time period, hence causing damage to the tooth’s pulp.

The root canal procedure involves complete removal of the pulp and nerve in order to prevent further decay. Teeth are perfectly able to function without a nerve in their interior, as the role of the nerve is to react when coming in contact with something cold or hot. When the pulp gets infected, the infection leads to inflammation and triggers overwhelming pain. Therefore, patients are subjected to excruciating toothache. Visit this page for an overview and potential complications of the root canal treatment.

When the infection of the pulp is left untreated for months, there’s a great likelihood of an abscess formation. Bear in mind that abscesses can cause severe damage to the bone of the tooth, which is why patients aren’t supposed to ignore their presence. In most cases, dentists end the treatment by placing crowns so as to protect the affected teeth from future damage.

Dental crowns

Installation of dental crowns is yet another common procedure performed by dentists in the event of chipped, broken, or badly decayed teeth. As mentioned before, crowns are also widely used after the performance of a root canal procedure. The purpose of crowns is to have teeth covered both for protection and better appearance.

Patients are required to attend two appointments in order to have crowns installed. In the course of the initial appointment, the dentist uses an anesthetic to numb the tissue and ensure there’s enough support for the crown. He/ She is supposed to make a proper mold, which is later sent to a laboratory to be manufactured.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the look of the tooth while waiting for the crown to be delivered. Your dentist will make sure you have a temporary one installed, which will be taken out once the permanent one arrives. See the following link,, for everything you need to know about getting a dental crown.

Periodontal treatments

Periodontal treatments are invaluable services provided by dentists in Mt Vernon, aimed at prevention, diagnosis, and taking care of all issues related to the gums and supporting tissues. Most patients use this type of service for gum disease treatment, triggered by poor oral hygiene. Not having your teeth brushed regularly and properly leads to plaque buildup, which in turn causes gum disease.

Patients with periodontitis in the early stages don’t require surgical treatment but the use of antibiotics, either topical or oral for reducing the infection. Also, scaling is performed for the purpose of tartar removal, whereas root planting is necessary to minimize the risk of such buildup.

Patients with advanced periodontitis, on the other hand, have no other alternative but to undergo dental surgery. For instance, pocket reduction surgery is the least invasive due to the small gum incisions made by the dentist. Other forms of gum disease surgeries include bone grafting, soft tissue grafts, and guided tissue regeneration.


The least favorite dental procedure of patients is undoubtedly tooth extraction, performed in cases when teeth are decayed to a point of no repair. Dentists aren’t fond of extracting teeth either, using this procedure as the last resort after giving their best to save a tooth from being removed. Additionally, patients often have their wisdom teeth in order to have more space in the oral cavity.

In terms of removal, patients can have their teeth extracted either with a simple or a surgical procedure. In the former case, the tooth requires a bit of loosening in order to be extracted, whereas in the latter case it has to be extracted surgically. Generally, oral surgeons are in charge of surgical extractions since the gum has to be cut for better access. In both cases, patients are provided with guidelines by dentists regarding food, drinks, and the use of anti-inflammatory medications.

Cosmetic services

Another common reason why people visit the dentist in Mt Vernon is to improve the appearance of their teeth. The majority of patients opt for a whitening treatment to have all stains and discolorations removed.

If such treatments don’t provide the expected results, individuals can have dental implants or veneers installed. While implants as a replacement for real teeth, veneers are only secured to the enamel for a better appearance. Sometimes, the enamel has to be slightly reduced for the veneer to be installed properly.

Final word

Never neglect your oral health, as it affects your overall well-being.

Go to regular appointments instead of waiting too long to schedule a visit!