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What does Clinical Research offer for Cardiovascular patients?

A journal by American Heart Association named Circulation released in 2019, says that 121.5 million adults in the U.S. – 48 percent based on 2016 figures – have cardiovascular disease. Heart disease was the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S. and stroke was No. 5, the same ranking as in the previous year. This means that nearly half of all US adults have some form of CVD. This is nothing short of an epidemic which needs immediate attention. The standard treatment of Cardiovascular diseases involves all kinds of medicines including

Blood thinning medicines-which prevent clotting of blood,

Statins- which lower blood cholesterol

Beta Blockers- controls blood pressure

Nitrates- widen blood vessel

Calcium Channel Blockers- relaxes the muscles that build the wall of the arteries and

Diuretics- Flush excess water and salt from the body

These are just some of the medicines used to treat cardiovascular diseases.

Where does Clinical Research feature in all this?

Clinical research refers to all research carried out on humans-sick or healthy. The purpose of this research is to improve the knowledge of diseases, develop diagnostic methods and new treatments or medical devices to advance patient care and health. For any clinical research to be successful, it needs patients who consent to be a part of the study. It must be carried out by competent people and should take all measures to protect the health and well-being of participants of the research and have all regulatory and legal approvals beforehand. Understanding clinical research methods, research propositions and its pros and cons is a primary part of participating in clinical research. Since Cardiovascular diseases affect so many people and the current treatment is unable to solve all the complications associated with it, many people choose to participate to get a better grip on their condition. To facilitate their participation, Paid Clinical Research Trials in Miami offer compensation for participation along with the free of cost treatment for the condition and other benefits.

What are some of the current research areas in Cardiovascular diseases?

Several conditions of the cardiovascular system have generated research interests. Here’s a look at some of them:

Heart Rhythm and Arrhythmia- they are important from research perspectives as they can cause sudden cardiac arrests, strokes and their after effects.

HIV and Heart Diseases- People with HIV are now living longer than they used to previously but heart diseases and HIV is turning out to be quite the deadly combination as complications in such cases accelerate faster than without the infection

Hypertension-  Since inflammation of the heart is a key contributor of hypertension, researchers are studying effects of various antioxidants etc. to control it.

Interventional Cardiology-  New and advanced medical devices are being studied to understand their impact

Preventive Cardiology- Research is being carried out to understand the link between lifestyle and cardiovascular diseases.

Stem cell and regenerative cardiology- stem cells have emerged as a transformational phenomena and are being extensively studied to treat Cardiovascular diseases because they regenerate themselves

Women and Heart Disease- Gender has emerged as a profound differentiator when it comes to heart diseases therefore several studies are dedicated to understand the various causes, symptoms and treatments to measure impact separately on women.

It then becomes safe to say that when it comes to cardiovascular diseases, what we know is a drop and what we don’t know is an ocean. Therefore, systematic research that offers insights into these diseases becomes crucial as it affects a large percentage of people. As mentioned earlier, paid clinical research trials in Miami by Royal Research Corp are worth looking into because of their sheer benefits. If you have exhausted all the standard treatment options available, you should definitely consider participating in such trials and become a part of ground-breaking results.