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5 Things You Should Know Before Moving To The Villages, FL

The Villages, Florida is a beautiful coastal city unlike any other in the state. That’s saying a mouthful when describing an area in a state as beautiful as Florida. However, The Villages offers quaint charm and relaxation, fun activities, affordability, and a host of additional perks that certainly place it on a pedestal high above other areas. Moving to The Villages? Once you hire Suddath Village long distance movers, it's time to learn more about this amazing town. Start with the five important facts about The Villages included on our list below.

1- Affordability

Many people mistakenly believe they cannot afford to live in The Villages, but the town offers many options for residents who live on budgets. Do not automatically assume that your budget doesn't allow you to make this move. The average income in The Villages is $56,450 and the median home value is $236,780. The median income in The Villages is just over $96,000, however, which is considerably high compared to the $49,550 average median income in the state. Do not assume that you cannot afford to call The Villages home.

2- An Older Community

Many retirees head to The Villages to live their golden years. The city is home to a vast population of people 67+. The area is also home to many veterans who served our country. Forbes named The Villages as one of the top places to retire in 2018, but the area consistently earns such honors. Many people also resort to The Villages for the winter when it is cold in their home state. It is the perfect place to get away!

3- Endless & Diverse Activities

The Villages is home to a diverse group of residents who all share a common goal: to live life to the fullest and enjoy the beaches and beautiful sunshine they're awarded in The Villages. While most are over the age of 55, many younger communities also exist. The endless variety of activities ensures that every walk of life enjoys living in The Villages. From golf to dining to parks to beaches and tons of other activities and landmarks, The Villages never disappoints when you seek a good time.

4- Warm, Friendly Community

One of the things that people notice when first arriving in town is the warmth and friendliness they feel from residents. It is true that The Villages is comfortable and charming and has a community of friendly people always ready to welcome you with open arms. It is a fun, sociable place to call home, where making friends is always simple. Keep in mind, however, that only about half of the residents of The Villages live in the area full-time.

5- Not Designed for Families

Although The Villages is warm and friendly, it is not designed for families. The area has one community featuring family units. However, the majority of homes and neighborhoods are designed for couples and retirees or single individuals. The area has limited schools and child-friendly amenities as a result.