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Throat Cancer: Top 5 Signs To Look Out For

Many individuals think of throat cancer as a neck growth mass. Have you realized that chronic or severe hoarseness is also a sign of throat cancer?

According to the National Cancer Institute's information, approximately more than 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with either throat or neck cancer.

Symptoms of throat cancer are similar to other common conditions like allergies, sinus, and cold infections. For an effective throat cancer diagnosis, it has to be conducted by an expert who is experienced, such as ENT specialist in Singapore. Such physicians can accurately determine if you require a biopsy or not. When early detected, throat cancer can be easily treated.

Causes of throat cancer

Frequent use of tobacco and alcohol as well as chewing both snuff and tobacco is the primary cause of all throat, head, and neck cancer at 75%. According to the National Cancer Institute, those who consume only alcohol or tobacco are at a lower risk compared to people who consume both alcohol and tobacco.

Risk factors that lead to Throat Cancer

Even though smoking is the first risk, other factors can lead to the condition and should be considered. These factors are:

  • Inadequate consumption of vegetables and fruits.
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol.
  • Exposure to Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

As a tobacco user, it is safe to remember that vaping is not the best alternative for smoking. However, E-cigarettes contain substances such as diacetyl and nicotine, which are directly linked to diseases such as lung disease. Therefore, both tobacco and electronic cigarettes should be avoided.

Five top signs of Throat Cancer

  • Abrupt weight loss

When you happen to lose up to ten pounds of weight, without exercise or diet change, then you might have cancer. Majority of cancer symptoms are not cancerous, like sinus infection as well as the common cold. Due to these symptoms, they may be caused by other diseases. Therefore, when you realize you have these signs, you should immediately seek medical attention with Raleigh ENTs. They will assist the exact source of your symptoms.

  • Sore throat

There exist different factors that cause sore throat frequently compared to throat cancer. But then, when you experience a prolonged sore throat that does not end even after treatment, we advise advisable to book an appointed with us, more so if it is associated with the symptoms listed earlier.

  • Having Neck Mass

Neck mass can also be caused by a tooth infection, goitre, and sore throat. Therefore, not all neck masses are caused by throat cancer. To get the best diagnosis, you can visit your nearest ENT clinic where our throat, nose, and ear doctors can quickly pinpoint the exact source of your neck mass. After that, they will also prescribe the best treatment for you to take.

  • Inability to speak well and hoarse voice

A hoarse voice is not a clear sign of cancer because there are several causes of voice hoarseness. However, if you have chronic hoarse voice issue, it is essential to book an appointed with our doctors to perform a precise evaluation.

  • Swallowing difficulty

While eating, you might feel like there is food stuck on your throat, even when you have already swallowed. Such condition is known as Dysphagia in medical term. This sign gets worse gradually, which affects your diet later, then, you should inform us when you have difficulty swallowing.

Where Throat Cancer develops

Throat cancer starts inside your throat in the flat cells, according to Mayo Clinic. Apart from that, tumors can develop on once epiglottis, larynx, and tonsils.

Who is eligible for Throat Cancer Screening?

According to the report by the American Cancer Society, no simple screen method as it is not easy to diagnose. For that reason, throat cancer screening is only recommended to people who have shown the mentioned symptoms.

If our doctors strongly believed you qualify for cancer screening, they will use a lightened, thin and special endoscope that has a small camera to examine your throat. At some point, your vocal cords might be monitored through laryngoscopy procedure.

Throat cancer treatment procedure

For early stages, throat cancer is treated through radiation therapy. However, more severe cases need surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

For those with similar symptoms as listed earlier, make an appointment with an ENT specialist as soon as possible to diagnose you and get treated immediately!