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7 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Wheelchair

Today the market is flooded with wheelchairs of different types and specifications. And thus, making the selection process a daunting one. To make the process easier and help you make an informed decision - below are seven key factors to consider.

  1. Weight Capacity- Every wheelchair for that matter has limitations with regards to the weight which it can support. The basic models carry about 300 pounds while the heavy-duty models can accommodate a user of more weight and size.
  1. Dimensions- The dimension of the wheelchair will provide an idea regarding how big the wheelchair is as well as how well it is capable of accommodating the user’s body. The modern wheelchairs especially the electric models have been specially designed to fit most hallways and doors. The width of the seat is another vital factor to consider especially if the user has a larger than the average body size. For best results, make the most of Disability Friendly Medical Devices.
  1. Battery Range- In case the user is planning to get a wheelchair for moving around the town, then it is vital to choose one that has good battery life. The range of the battery differs mainly between models, usually allowing somewhere between 10-25 miles for traveling distances with one charge. Variable such as the user's weight, the batteries range and terrain type moved by the user can influence the range of the battery.
  1. Speed- This is an essential factor to take in consideration provided the user is planning to travel long distances. Choosing a wheelchair with rear drive power will offer maximum speed.
  1. Turning Radius- It means the total free space needed in every direction surrounding the wheelchair for performing that full 360-degree turn. The turning radius can be affected by different specifications such as the seat size, angle, the type of footrest and the length of the frame. If the user needs to move around tight spaces and corners, choosing a power wheelchair with the mid-wheel drive will be an ideal choice. Wheel drive chairs which are front and mid will come with a 20-30" turning radius, but generally, the rear-wheel chair needs 40" and above.
  1. Portability- If the user has a highly active lifestyle then portability is the way to go. The portable wheelchairs are foldable for simple transport in the car. You can disassemble and reassemble the travel wheelchairs right away for a hassle-free travel.
  2. Adjustability- Today most wheelchairs are equipped with extra add-ons which allow the user to recline, tilt, and elevate the seat to enjoy improved comfort. In fact, for the perfect adjustability, the standing models can be smoothly operated either in a sit-down or stand-up position. The capability of standing in the wheelchair is associated with different physiological and psychological perks such as better quality of life, strengthening the heart and prevention of the pressure sores.

No matter what type of wheelchair you chose, you will be satisfied and content with both the quality of life as well as the mobility it will provide them or their dear one.